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Christian Fiction Cover Wars: First Battle

I’m introducing a fun new game called Cover Wars. I’m pairing off 2 Christian Fiction covers to see which one has the better cover. I’d love for you to join me by voting in the comments on your favorite in each pairing. Have fun!!

The Battle of the Pink Dresses. I make no secret of my love for pink, so it seems only fitting to kick the battle off with pink. But which cover is your favorite?

The Battle of the Brown Covers. It’s hard to say exactly what I love about these covers considering brown isn’t pink nor is it my favorite color by a long shot. And yet, I find both of these breathtaking. Which is your favorite?

The Battle of the Blue Dresses. Two lovely models in two pretty blue dresses. Which is your favorite cover?

The Battle of the Brides. Bridal covers are always a hit, but which is your favorite of the two?

The Battle of the Couples. I love getting a glimpse of the characters’ personalities by the way they’re posed on the cover, and both of these are memorably sweet. Which is your favorite?

Here are my votes:
Pink Dresses: At Love’s Bidding. Can I be honest and say that I’ve never cared for the pink dress on A Beauty so Rare? Don’t ask me why because I never understood it.
Brown Covers: I truly love them both so much, but I’m a sucker for the letters printed in the background, so I’m voting for The Outlaw Take a Bride.
Blue Dresses: Both are lovely, but The Magnolia Duchess has a Cinderella quality to it that wins me over.
Brides: I love the close-up veiled image of Until Then.
Couples: While I love them both, When Love Arrives wins me over with the vibrant colors.

But don’t let me influence you!! I’d love to hear what your favorites are!Β 

UPDATE: Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below. But for the sake of announcing a winner, I’m going to share the tallies for each pairing.
Pink Dresses: At Love’s Bidding won! Tamera 3 – Jennings 9
Brown Covers: The Outlaw Takes a Bride wins! Outlaw 8 – Siri 5
Blue Dresses: The Magnolia Duchess won! Magnolia 10 – Captive 2
Brides: It’s a TIE!! Kiss 6 – Krista 6
Couples: When Love Arrives wins! Griggs 3 – Johnnie 9

I hope you had fun! I’ll bring you another Cover Wars in May. πŸ™‚ Until then, is there a book listed here today that you need to add to your TBR list? Or one that is your favorite? As for myself, I purposely chose books that I had already read. So I can honestly say that I recommend all of them to you. You’ll find reviews for many of them right here on the blog.
*Late voters:
I don’t intend to adjust winners for additional votes, but I’ll gladly chat with you about your favorites if you choose to comment.Β 

31 thoughts on “Christian Fiction Cover Wars: First Battle”

  1. you don’t care for the pink dress because subconsciously, you know what a pain those sleeves are to deal with! I really can’t pick between your cover choices. It’s spring and I’m just going to enjoy their beauty! I do love the font on Dawn Crandall’s cover, too!

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  2. At Love’s Bidding
    The Outlaw Takes a Bride
    The Magnolia Duchess
    Until Then
    When Love Arrives
    I didn’t look at your votes until I made up my mind! Great minds think alike!

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  3. Maybe it’s a “guy thing, ” but the two brown covers are my top choices. However, because those are pitted against each other, I choose Flirtation Walk. I’m an author and love a great title!

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    1. It’s crazy, but I’m a big fan of the browns too. I think, I tend to be drawn to any cover with one dominant color. It’s just a “me” thing, I think.
      It IS a great title. The book is set at West Point just years before the Civil War. It’s very military based and one that you may enjoy.


  4. Pink Covers: A Beauty So Rare, but not because I prefer either dress. They are both pretty. I like the background of that one better.
    Brown Covers: Flirtation Walk. Love the lighting the couple is walking toward.
    Blue Dresses: The Magnolia Duchess. I like the front-facing cover model better than the one facing away on the other cover. Both are pretty, though.
    Brides: Of course, I choose Until Then, but I might be biased. The Kiss the Bride cover is really pretty, too. Love the red door and that the title is the same color.
    Couples: Both are cute. I think I like When Love Arrives better. The lighting is pretty.

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  5. I loved this!! I so should do it someday. πŸ™‚

    My vote would go to…
    – At Love’s Bidding
    – The Outlaw Takes His Bride (Yes!! Those words…)
    – The Magnolia Duchess
    – eh…. neither of the bride books just grab me. πŸ˜‰ I like one of Janice Thompson’s, I think it is?
    – Lone Star Heiress (usually historical will get me before modern)

    Looking forward to more “wars.” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    1. Ahhhh those words. πŸ™‚ The Outlaw Takes a Bride is such a moving cover. I love it. It was my favorite for that year, I remember.
      And, yes, you should do a war yourself! It was a lot of fun to put together.

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