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Ancient Words Series: 

Where Can I Flee (book 1)

Signed paperback copy. 391 pages.


In the Shadow of Thy Wings (book 2)

Signed paperback copy. 468 pages long.


Out of the Ashes (book 3)

Signed paperback copy. 402 pages.


Ancient Words Set

Signed copies of Where Can I Flee, In the Shadow of Thy Wings, and Out of the Ashes


A Season Passed: 

If Only It Were Yesterday (book 1)

Signed paperback copy. 221 pages.


Yesterday’s Christmas (book 2)

Signed paperback copy. 174 pages.


A Season Passed Set

Signed copies of If Only It Were Yesterday and Yesterday’s Christmas.


Christmas in Garland Collection: 

Project Scrooge

Signed paperback copy. 127 pages.


The Engagement Cover

Signed paperback copy. 214 pages.


Christmas in Garland Collection Set

Signed copies of Project Scrooge and The Engagement Cover.


Art of Love: 

Dance With Me

Signed Paperback copy. 254 pages long.


Painted Memories

Signed Paperback Copy. 258


Art of Love Set

Signed copies of Dance With Me and Painted Memories



The Accident

**Out of Stock** Will order copies as sold. Signed paperback copy. 125 pages.


Hearts on Lonely Mountain

Signed paperback copy. 225 pages.