I am over-the-moon excited to let you know that I’m now a Sipology consultant! If you love tea (whether you’re a loose leaf fan or loose leaf curious) you’re going to want to check out what this amazing company has to offer. Not only do they have some top-notch teaware, but their teas are delicious and all natural.

You can check out my Sipology page or join my growing Facebook group and Facebook page.
On my page, you can shop and preview the full catalog 24/7.

Within my FB group, Anita’s Library of Tea, you’ll get the inside scoop on the latest products and monthly specials. You’ll also find tips for tea time or you can chat tea with me. But I’m not calling my group the Library of Tea for nothing! I’ll be joining tea and books together, so don’t be surprised if you end up having tea with your favorite classic characters. 😉

I also have a public Facebook page: Sip. Read. Relax: Experiencing Tea with Anita
This page collects all the highlights and is a public platform for easy sharing.

But why tea? For me the answer was simple … 

☕️It’s more than tea; it’s more than a story; it’s an experience.📚

Picture it: A cozy chair. A warm blanket. A good book. And a steaming cup of fragrant tea held close to your chest. The aroma drifting up to your nose. 📖
Or try this one: A decorative teapot sitting on a lace-covered table. A flower arrangement on either side of the teapot. An array of sandwiches, scones, fruit, and dips spread out across the table. And the laughter of close friends as you enjoy each other’s company. 🍰
Or maybe this one: A glass pitcher of iced tea, sitting on a table on the corner of your deck. You’re stretched out on the swing with a glass of tea in your hands, the condensation dripping between your fingers, while your children play together in the backyard. 🌳

Clearly, I could go on and on.  That’s the fiction author in me.

I’ve been challenged to think about what my personal story is and why I’ve chosen to sell loose leaf tea. Many of the people around me have chosen reasons such as sharing the health benefits of tea or earning trips and lots of money. While I’m not opposed to these ideas, they’re not my number one goal. My goal is to share the experience with other tea-lovers.

I’ve always been in love with tea and tea-related things. I adore the pretty, dainty teacups or the lovely teapots. I like the image of a cup of tea or tea party tables. And I know I’m not alone here. So I’m calling out to fellow tea-lovers.

Maybe you’ve been intimidated by loose leaf tea. Or maybe you enjoy your standard flavors but have never bothered to branch out. I want to educate you on the variety of teas out there and help you explore new flavors. I want to give you confidence when working with loose leaf and help you to do more with your tea, such as cooking or baking with it.

So whether you sit down with a small cup, a large cup, or a teapot; or whether you’re sitting with one friend, several friends, or all alone, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of a great cup of tea. Just like a great book transports you to a new location, so can a cup of tea.

For me, joining tea and books together was a natural conclusion. Many readers and authors are tea drinkers. Many historical novels feature tea as a staple drink, and the really great novels show tea as an event. 

So I invite you to join Anita’s Library of Tea. We’ll talk new and classic novels, and I’ll share with you all that I know about tea. If you’re unfamiliar with the art of loose leaf tea, bring your questions with you. And if you’re curious about the health benefits of tea, come and ask. I look forward to helping you discover your next favorite cup of tea.

☕️It’s more than tea; it’s more than a story; it’s an experience.📚

Come experience loose leaf tea with me!

1st Tea Anniversary