For readers’ ease, I created a central location to find little extras for each of my novels. You’ll find previews, recipes, bonus scenes, and more right here on this page. I hope you enjoy and if you have any requests, please message me! 

Where Can I Flee: The Hands and Feet of Christmas 
This is a bonus Christmas scene featuring three minor characters. If you’re reading the novel, this scene fits nicely in the middle of chapter 34.
*This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone short story.

Where Can I Flee: Claire and Frank’s Interview
I had a blast getting the twins together for an interview. It’s a great bonus scene that showcases their fun relationship.
*This can be read and enjoyed before you read the novel.

In the Shadow of Thy Wings: Frank and Ralph’s Interview
I sat down with both men at the same time as they answered questions about army life from opposing perspectives. The fur flies between these two enemies!
*This can be enjoyed at any time, but it was written as a preview to Shadow.

Out of the Ashes: Living Happily-Ever-After
Due to reader interest, I’m sharing a look at the happy endings for 4 secondary characters: Pastor Grissom and his wife, Danny-Ray Coffer, Darrel Smith, and Jared Smith.

If Only It Were Yesterday: The Trip to the Cave
This is a deleted scene. It was cut because it didn’t further Liz’s story, however, it DOES further the conflict between the Franklin brothers, which is a great interest to readers.

The Accident: Life After the Epilogue
A bonus scene for the epistolary novella.
*This is best enjoyed after you read the novella.

Yesterday’s Christmas: Glenn’s Response
A rewritten scene from Glenn’s perspective. Ever wonder what he was thinking on Christmas Eve in 1954 when he came downstairs and found Betty Marshall sitting at his kitchen table? Here’s your chance to find out.

Dance With Me: Did You Know?
There’s a hidden romance between two secondary characters. There wasn’t enough room in the novel to display it properly, so I’m sharing it on the side.
*This is a spoiler and should only be read after you’ve enjoyed the novel.

Earl Grey Cookies – featured in If Only It Were Yesterday

Williams’ Family Cranberry Cake – featured in Where Can I Flee, In the Shadow of Thy Wings, and Out of the Ashes

Snickerdoodle Cookies – featured in Yesterday’s Christmas *COMING SOON*

Ancient Words: Tour the current town of Maple Grove aka Wartrace, TN.

The Accident: Catfish Jake was a real-life moment featured in the novella. You can catch a short interview with Catfish Jake and catch a glimpse of what Ashlyn and Chris saw.

Dance With Me: View a sample of dance videos in order to better understand what Neil and Arleen were doing on the page.

Project Scrooge: The cocoa list *COMING SOON*

Project Scrooge: The complete Scrooge Challenge; 31 days of Christmas *COMING SOON*

Part of my plotting/writing process is listening to songs that help inspire the story. 

Where Can I Flee 

In the Shadow of Thy Wings

Out of the Ashes

If Only It Were Yesterday

Yesterday’s Christmas

Dance With Me 

Painted Memories *COMING SOON*