Do you love cozy mysteries as much as I do? If so, you’re going to love our new Chelsea Michelle brand!

I have recently partnered with Amanda Tero to write Christian Cozy Mysteries.

What are “cozy” mysteries?
They’re mysteries without all the gore. They typically take place in a sweet little town and involve amateur sleuths. Think Murder She Wrote.
Since we’re writing Christian cozies, our stories will also carry a faith element.

Still not sure if you’re a cozy mystery fan? You can find out by reading our first story for free! And if you know you love cozy mysteries, dig in further by following us on YouTube as well!

A serial killer. A dangerous road. And a cell phone going straight to voicemail…

A string of murders happening just across the state line makes residents of idyllic Maple Springs nervous. While Michelle Watson is obsessed with finding the killer’s pattern, her twin Chelsea disagrees with her involvement.

Reading the victims’ stories makes Michelle face the decisions she’s been trying to ignore. Determined to live her life to the fullest, she makes an innocent choice that takes a life-threatening turn.

When Michelle stops answering her phone, Chelsea can’t ignore the feeling that something is wrong. Very wrong. With friends and family, Chelsea sets out to find her sister, all while questioning if her faith is strong enough to weather the trial. 

Time is running out and the last thing Chelsea wants to do is file a missing person’s report for her twin.