Experiencing History: Reliving the End of the Civil War, Moment by Moment: 4/14 part 1

254 It’s Good Friday and what a day it will be! After four years of war, it’s time to celebrate something. Nothing sounds better at the moment than taking in a play at the Ford’s Theatre. The idea of dressing up and having an evening out has excited you all day and now it’s finally time to prepare for the show. Our American Cousin will be playing tonight, but what you’re most interested in is the chance to see President Lincoln. Rumor has it that he is to attend. You hope, at the very least, to have a seat that can easily see into the Presidential Box.

It’s a misty and foggy sort of night when you finally leave for the Theatre. You can’t help but pick up on the eerie feeling that seems to hang around in the air. With a deep breath, you shove those thoughts aside. With the news of Lee’s surrender, the papers promise only good things for the our country…

*ONLY 2 POSTS REMAINING!! STAY TUNED, WE’VE A LATE SHOW AT FORD’S THEATRE TONIGHT! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a mystery souvenir from Appomattox! Earn entries by sharing this blog link (comment below with your link), follow my weekly blog, and/or talk to me in the comments below. Don’t forget to leave your email address at least once during the giveaway. It’s never too late to enter, so click on the #ExperHist tag to catch up.

Source: Abraham Lincoln’s Last Day http://rogerjnorton.com/Lincoln45.html

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