Experiencing History: Winner Announced!!!

2013_06222013summer0033I had a wonderful time experiencing history together during this series. My purpose, to the best of my ability, was to share the events surrounding Lee’s surrender to Grant in real timing as it happened 150 years ago. For those that missed the series, you can start from the beginning by clicking here. You can also view my pictures from Appomattox by clicking here. The pictures are shared over five blog posts so you’ll want to use that “next” button at the bottom of each page. 😉

 Winner Announced!

Congratulations Kim Hampton!!
Here’s a look at the prize pack: 2 Magnets from Appomattox, 1 bag of old fashioned candy, 1 book from the Appomattox park (Ok, so the book came free but what’s a souvenir pack without the freebie 😉 ), and my personal favorite, the Lee and Grant mugs.
A big thank you to all who participated!! I’ll be in touch soon, Kim!


Another shout out to my wonderful and helpful sources:

*Note: Each link will either send you to the actual website or a sales link. Enjoy!

“Surrender at Appomattox, 1865,” EyeWitness to History, www.eyewitnesstohistory.com (1997)

The Civil War Notebook of Daniel Chilsholm: A Chronicle of Daily Life in the Union Army 1864-1865

Battle of Appomattox Court House

The Civil War Years: A Day-by-Day Chronicle by Robert E. Denney

The War-Time Journal of a Georgia Girl 1864-1865 by Eliza Frances Andrews

Battle of Appomattox Courthouse

Lee’s Farewell Address

Abraham Lincoln’s Last Day

A quick note to my new followers: I’m thrilled to have each and every one of you. I hope you’ll continue to follow my weekly blog even after this series closes. Primarily, this is a Christian Author’s blog so I do, typically, focus on a wider range of subjects. Here’s my monthly schedule: Week 1 – About the Book. You’ll find a variety of insider information about my series. Week 2 – Christian. The topics change each month, but the encouragement found in God’s word remains the same. Week 3 – About the Author. I’ll share something on a more personal level either about my family life, my walk with Christ, or a craft I’ve tried out. Week 4 – History. Not only am I a Civil War author, but I’m a fan so I love to share portions of my research.

2 thoughts on “Experiencing History: Winner Announced!!!”

  1. Thank you so much!!! I am so excited! I am sorry to see this series end though. I have really enjoyed it. It’s so nice to finally meet another “Civil War geek!” If you’re ever in Arkansas, let me know and we’ll go tour Prairie Grove and Pea Ridge battlefields!


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