Civil War Letters: Lonely Hearts Ad

2013_06292013summer0129One unknown soldier had put a “lonely hearts” ad in the paper requesting someone to write to him. When a lady replied, he decided to come clean about the false description he gave in the ad. Here is his reply,
“Before proceeding farther truth and candor compel me to acknowledge that a little deception was used in the advertisement in the “Waverly.” In other words my true description differs materially from the one therein set forth, and may not please you as well as the one “fancy painted,” but I thought it was all for fun, therefore funningly gave a fictitious description as well as cognomen. Be it known unto you then, this individual is twenty-nine years of age, five feet and eleven inches high, dark blue eyes, brown hair, and light (ruddy) complexion. There you have it. How do you like the description? Me thinks I hear you answer. I don’t like it so well as the advertised description. Well! I’ll admit it is not quite so fascinating to a young lady as the fictitious one, but it is a fixed fact, “like the laws of the Medes and Persians,” which altereth not. But enough of that topic for the present! The next thing, will undoubtedly be something else…”
There are so many things here in this short snippet that pulls at my heart. The romantic in me wants to know how she replied and if anything other than friendship ever formed. The author in me begs to tell his story. Maybe I hold the answers to whether he ever found love! Then there are other things that make me howl with laughter. The use of the word, “funningly” for one. Lol My spell check has a hissy fit every time I type it out which pleases me more than it ought to. πŸ˜‰ I just love being able to throw my nose up and say, “Nope. I spelled it right for a change.” Then best of all, he compares his unchangeable looks to the laws of the Medes and the Persians! I love it! Lol
Oh and FYI, somewhere deep in the pages of my upcoming novel, “In the Shadow of Thy Wings,” you’ll find a young man that starts a relationship through letters that isn’t being very honest in the beginning. His story just might have been inspired by this man here. πŸ™‚Β 
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4 thoughts on “Civil War Letters: Lonely Hearts Ad”

  1. I love it! I wonder how he described himself in the lonely hearts ad? If this is his true description, he sounds perfectly fine to me! πŸ˜‰

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    1. I’ve wondered the same thing! I don’t see anything wrong with his actual appearance either so I’m not sure why he needed to lie about it or what he thought sounded better. Lol And what I really want to know is how she responded to him! It’s a pity these questions will remain a mystery.


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