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Summer Photo Shoots

2047_1014ITSOFWshoot0288-1One of the most amazing moments for an author is, FINALLY, getting to see the book cover.

For months, sometimes years, a story lives in the mind only. Then one fine day, it begins its life on the computer screen. Most of my time is spent with imaginary people and a blank screen, so there’s nothing like staring at the cover that will bring your story to life.

At last, an image to go with all those thoughts in your mind. A face to go with the voice you’ve heard all these months.

For an author, the book cover is a major step closer to reality. The story will soon live off your computer screen. It’s a day to celebrate.

As an Indie author, I have full creative reign when it comes to designing my book cover. In fact, I have more than full creative reign. I full responsibility! Gulp!! I could pay someone to make my dreams come to life, but I actually enjoy getting my hands dirty. It’s one of the things God had given me to enable me to do the job set before me.

I actually enjoy designing my covers and taking the pictures myself. I have a lot of fun scanning the faces of my friends and family and looking for the perfect model to bring my beloved character to life. But there are more tedious things involved. Such as: finding the perfect location, costuming, and props.

Location: There’s no green screen involved here! So location is key, especially when working with historical novels. I have to consider the background very carefully when I choose the location for the photo shoots.

Costuming: Without a “sky’s the limit” budget, I count on the Lord to provide for these needs by opening doors that only He can. In a miraculous way, He provided for both Frank and Sally’s costume on the first two covers. I’m counting on Him to come through again as I prepare another historical cover this summer.

Props: The Ancient Words Series revolves around a set of letters. Finding someone to to put pen to the paper becomes, yet, one more item on my list of things to do.

The time has come to bring two more covers to life!! Lord willing, I plan to take the pictures for the next two novels THIS summer. I’m really excited and most of the details are in place. I’ll be working out of order this summer and taking the 4th book first. Here’s a peek at what’s on the table:

22Book 3: Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes is a historical novel and the conclusion to the Harper Saga. I’m excited to bring this story to you and plan to take the pictures later this summer. I’m NOT ready to release the character’s name that graces the cover, but I will let you see the model that I’ve selected to do the job.
Zach Cartwright stands ready to bring a most beloved character to life, and I just know he’s going to do a wonderful job!

264Book 4: His Love Endures Forever
The Ancient Words Series takes a drastic turn by bringing the readers to the present generation. This is the original novel that I’ve talked about in previous blog posts. I’ve selected a beautiful lady to bring my sweet and shy, Allie Redman to life.
I’ve held this special story in my heart for so long. I can’t wait to see the cover this summer! Tiffany Hutchings is ready to lend her pretty face for my cover.

Stay tuned! Being an Indie author has its benefits. As in the past, I plan to share my top picks for the cover and allow you to weigh in and help me select the perfect one. That’s always a lot of fun! The photo shoot for His Love Endures Forever is scheduled for later this month. Follow the blog to make sure you don’t miss out!

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