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Out of the Ashes Cover Search!!

Choosing the cover for a novel is both fun and difficult. After months of planning and praying, we were finally able to get out and take some amazing pictures. From 335 pics, I chose the best. But I need help choosing the ONE, so I’m asking for your input. Here’s how this works:

View the pictures and choose your top 3 picks. I know how hard it is to pick from this bunch so if you just can’t help yourself and have to pick 4, we can still be friends. 😉 Please let me know (if you’re able) what your first, second, and third picks are by rank and then let me know WHY you chose them. There are no wrong answers so don’t feel shy! I will have the final say in the cover and I do NOT pick based on the most popular votes, but the feedback does help me make my decision. Since the group is so large, I’ll likely narrow this down after I get some feedback and bring you a smaller group to pick from in a few days. Anyone can leave their opinion below or in the Facebook link. So let’s get started!!

*Remember: No stealing! All pictures are under copyright!

Pictures: Tree #1, Tree #2, Tree #3


Pictures: Cannon #1, Cannon #2, Cannon #3


Pictures: Cannon #4, Cannon #5, Cannon #6


Pictures: Squat #1, Squat #2, Squat #3


Pictures: Bench #1, Bench #2, Bench #3


Pictures: Bench #4, Bench #5, Bench #6


Pictures: Grave #1, Grave #2, Grave #3


Pictures: Union #1, Union #2


32 thoughts on “Out of the Ashes Cover Search!!”

    1. Thanks for the comments, Kimberly! Union 3 is taking an early lead which surprises me because it wasn’t my favorite and I almost didn’t show it…but I just had a feeling about that one. There’s always a surprising favorite in the group.


      1. Oh. Your comment was that Union 3 was taking an early lead. I took that to mean their was supposed to be 3 of them! I’m still looking to decide my favorites.

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  1. #1 Squat
    #3 Squat
    #1 Tree
    Each pose illicits feelings of strength/weakness and power/vulnerability.


  2. Grave 1
    Cannon 6
    Union 1
    Each one of them shows a man who grieves deeply for his fellow man in a war that lasted far too long and took so many lives. He’s not at all sure why he wasn’t one of the casualties. You can see the anguish in his whole body, yet his strength to go forward. Beautiful pictures!!

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  3. I love Squat #2. Just his facial expression.
    Tree #1 because of the angle with the tombstones. It seems like a good picture of the end of the war and what truly happened.
    I will have to say that it was hard to choose because they are all very good! Thanks for sharing with us!

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  4. I actually, have a clear favoriteand it is Tree #1. Although, for pictures they are all wonderful… but I have some specific reasons why I think Tree #1 would make a great cover.

    I feel like a lot of the other pictures have a lot of background things going on that could make title placement and such a bit more difficult. I love the simplicity of the first tree pic. Plus, there is some nice open area in the bottom left corner that you can put something and not hide any of the picture. Plus, I kind of feel like with less going on, it is a bit more in keeping with the other two covers. (although I would suggest cropping out the headstone by his feet)

    My second choice would probably be cannon #1 and for similar reasons, other than having that clear space to work with.

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    1. I’m glad you brought that up! I was looking at word placement on some of these pics. I’m not sure how some of them will work. My next step is to try the top picks out and see how they look with all the cover dressings on them.


  5. I like union 1 ~ because it is a touching photo, you can really see that he is greving for his fellow brothers in arms; My next pick would be squat 3 ~ because he looks sad and a bit confussed, like he is not sure why his stone is not there; my third pick would be cannon 1 ~ he seems to be wondering if it was all worth it, why did his fellow brother fall and he survive. Hope that it helps some!

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  6. Sqaut #1, Bench #6, Bench #3 (I like the closeness/pose of #3 better than #6, but like the hat on better). They seem to have the feeling of “Out of the Ashes” and match the covers of the other books.

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