The Last Self Help “Book” You’ll Ever Need

It’s Christian Week on the blog!! I had something so special to bring to you this week but due to an unexpected death in the family, I’m reblogging an old favorite. I hope this encouraging word blesses your heart whether it’s the first or second time you’ve read it. 🙂

Christian Author: A.M. Heath

164I keep finding myself looking at my shortcomings: I don’t pray like I should. I’ve not been engaged in my Bible study as I once was. My mind drifts during service. My mind drifts during the singing.

I keep coming to the place where I see my shortcomings and it sickens me. “Lord, help me!” “Lord, change me.” Immediately, my mind turns to something – notice I didn’t say Someone – for further assistance. We’ve been taught, and taught wrongly, that whatever you suffer from, there is a book for that. But think about it for a moment, what do you need help with today? Is it your marriage? Your Bible study growing cold? Need a boost to get yourself to church on a weekly basis? Has your prayer life died? Need to be reminded to witness? Looking for courage to speak up for righteousness? There’s a book for each…

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