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Review Wednesday: More for Girls Only Devotions by Carolyn Larsen

78More for Girls Only! Devotions provides real-life teaching based on key principles from the Bible. It will speak to young girls at a level they can relate to, using relevant terms and fun illustrations. Each devotion features an opening verse, devotion, self-evaluation quiz, ideas for application, memory verses, and original illustrations. Topics include caring for others, humility, cheating, worrying, and much more!

Girls will be encouraged to grow spiritually as they delve into these devotions each day.

I can’t tell you how impressed I was by this devotional. It was everything I would have asked for and more. Each devotional is 4 pages long, but it’s not a long read. It’s broken up in easy to read sections with cute illustrations. Here’s a peek inside:

The first two pages carry the devotion and illustration. The author did an amazing job bringing real life situations into view and covers subjects such as forgiveness, hidden motives, bragging, bad company, fear, and priorities. There’s a scripture clearly printed on the left-hand side. The story, or devotion, is very focused and easy to understand with pointed questions that help lead the reader to look internally.

Page three has a quiz that’s catered to each individual devotion and comes complete with an answer key. Again, this devotion shines in helping the reader see exactly where they stand on any given issue and encourages them to be more purposeful in looking to Christ in these areas.

On the top of page four, you’ll find a to-do list with simple things to help each girl live out the devotion so that it becomes more than just a moment’s idea. The bottom of the page is full of quotes, the bulk of which is scripture while a smaller section is dedicated to other helpful quotes on the subject.

I would highly recommend picking up a copy for the young girl in your life! It’s listed for girls ages 8-12.

I received a free copy from Tyndale House in exchange of a review. All opinions are my own.

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