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Claire’s Wardrobe

222The only thing that makes the movie better than the book is getting to see the clothes!

Lol Men may not agree, but it’s hard on most ladies when they’re left to their imagination where the clothing is concerned. Especially in historical novels. So I’m going to do you a favor and let you peek inside Claire Harper’s wardrobe. Some of the following pictures were real pictures that I had in mind as I wrote a scene and others are just great examples of what I imagined her wearing.

Claire is a woman with a grand imagination. Her means don’t always meet her thoughts though. She’s caught in several scenes daydreaming. Here are the dresses that I used as inspiration for 2 such scenes.

3731Claire imagines herself wearing the 1st dress while having tea with her Grandmother Lillian. The 2nd she wears at a grand ball where she meets her imaginary suitor.

The reality is, Claire’s home life doesn’t require or afford her with so many fancy dresses. Here are the dresses that she’s found wearing in some of the pages of the book. The red plaid is mentioned by name while the others may be taken more as a likeness of what she would be wearing.


The one night of the year that Claire could count on wearing something stunning would be the Christmas Ball. The made-over hunter green gown in mentioned in several scenes in both novels. I couldn’t find a green gown, but this is an accurate style that I had envisioned for Claire. The main color is hunter green and the bottom is a cream color.


Since Pinterest shopping is free and fun, I took Claire out to pick a few other dresses so we can get a better glimpse at her personality through her choices. I often imagine her in deep colors like the hunter green or deep purple as her model is wearing at the top of this post. Here are some other Claire picks.

51 50 40 39 38

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside Claire’s wardrobe. Is there a dress here that you’d love to borrow?

11 thoughts on “Claire’s Wardrobe”

    1. That’s really cool! I bet your dress was really pretty too.
      I love pinterest collect!! Lol I did this with the last set of characters I was developing because I was having a hard time separating their personalities. Once they began picking out their own clothes, I was able to get a better handle on who they were as individuals. I picked out their bedrooms too. It was a great exercise.

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  1. I love this glimpse into Claire’s wardrobe. I would love to have an occasion to wear her Christmas ball gown as pictured. I also love the burgundy one. Such deep rich color.

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