Civil War Letters: Jealous Rivals

2013_06222013summer0079I’ve never known a man to own up to being so petty, and yet here it is in the man’s own handwriting! Lol Enjoy!
“…I received your letter yesterday and had only one fault to find with that was it was too short. You gave me a great deal of news nevertheless. I suppose by the time you get this Peter Hull will have arrived in town. You must know that Peter and myself are rivals either for Miss Monie or Miss Millie I don’t know which, so you must spy upon him and watch him even as the cat doeth the small rat and report promptly all things of suspicious nature. I want to be even with him when he comes to camp, for when I came back he knew everything I had said and done while I was down there. You said in your letter that Miss Monie had deserted me “Entre nous.” I don’t care a fig if she has, but you need [not] let her think that. I want to have some fun out of Peter Hull, he is evidently extremely jealous of me, but I can’t tell exactly whether it is Miss Monie or Miss Millie he doth affect the most. Whichever one it is there am I also. I expect you are tired of this nonsense but really it is so dull up here that I have nothing to write about….”
*Click on the “Civil War Letter” tag on the right for more real letters. 

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