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Nothing New Under the Sun: A Mother’s Heart

2050_1231spring20140539To fully appreciate the following letter, you’d want to go back and read last month’s post where I shared a very special letter from Agnes Lee. Agnes was under some heavy conviction and while she wrestled with these things, she penned a letter to her mother seeking advice and clarity. Her mother then wrote back, which is the letter you’ll see below. Shortly after these letters, Agnes wrote her father, Robert E. Lee, which is the letter you’ll find in the link above. 
What I most want to highlight today is the heart of this mother. Like in my last post concerning the Lees, I was struck by how similar these events and their feelings surrounding them are. There is, after all, nothing new under the sun, even after 158 years has passed. I hope you enjoy this beautiful letter which bears the heart of any mother blessed enough to see one of her children come to the saving knowledge of Christ. And I hope, even after all these years, you’ll find yourself rejoicing with her as well as renewing your own personal efforts in praying for your children. 

Arlington Wednesday 14th 1857?
It is very late my precious little daughter, but I cannot let another day pass without telling you the real happiness your letter afforded me, you for whom I have felt so anxious, to hear that God had sent his Spirit into your heart and drawn you to Himself. Remember what He says, “Those who seek me early shall find me” The promises of God are sure and cannot fail. Therefore seek Him with all your heart. Be willing to give up all for Him and He will strengthen you and give you that peace and happiness which is not to be found in this world. And then to think that your dear brother Robert has been the means of producing this blessed change. You must pray for your sister for your brothers who are out of the fold of Christ. Think what a happiness to your poor Mother to be able to to present  all her children at the throne of God and to be able to say “Here I am Lord and the children Thou has given me.” Pray for your Mother that she may be more faithful in her prayer and example. Commit your all to Christ and do not fear He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will give you strength to resist the world and to serve Him. The more faithfully you serve Him the happier you will be for “His Yoke is easy and His burden light” Have you written to Robbie to tell him this good news it will rejoice his heart. I forgot to send you any stamps, but you can buy some with the money as there are none in the House I can send you with this letter. I only sent you 2.00 which was all the change I had but if you need more before Christmas, you must let me know. Your sister has gone to Goodwood. Annie sends her love and rejoices with me in the good news and I know there is joy in the presence of the angels of God. I  accept my dear child you penitence for all your faults towards me and freely bestow my forgiveness. Pray to God never to suffer you to fall into the like again, but to transform you into the image of His dear Son in whom was no sin, neither was guile found in His mouth. …I so long to see you and you will now be so doubly dear to me. I cannot thank my Heavenly Father as I ought to do for all His mercy.
Good night it is 12 o’clock and all are in bed.
Your devoted and happy
Mother M C Lee
Do not get tired of this long letter. I will be more moderate another time.

This excerpt came from Growing Up in the 1850s: The Journal of Agnes Lee

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