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cover22In the Shadow of Thy Wings releases December 8th, and I’ll be celebrating with a Facebook party, blog tour, and multiple giveaways. And here for the first time, I’ll show you all the goodies that I’ve collected for you in the various prize packs. I’ll also share the party link so everything is right here at your fingertips. We’re 1 week away from the release so these giveaways aren’t open yet.



The first giveaway to release is The Harper Prize Pack. This Rafflecopter giveaway opens December 4th and closes December 16th. You can enter here110

For this giveaway, I pulled together 2 of my favorite fiction novels:
Camellia is one of my favorite Civil War novels. And Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana is one of my favorites novels featuring the Underground Railroad.
The Ancient Words Series is centered around letters written between the characters, so this prize pack wouldn’t be complete without a set of greeting cards.
You’ll also find a copy of one of my favorite research books: The Civil War Years : A day-by-day chronicle. This amazing book gives you the highlights of every day of the war. It’s easy to read and would make a great addition to any history lover’s library.
And last, but not least, I’m giving away both books of the Ancient Words Series so you can meet the Harper family and experience the Civil War through their eyes.


Next on the celebration list, is the 3-day Facebook party. The party starts on December 8th @9 am and ends December 10th @11 pm. *Central time

How does a 3-day party work? Instead of shoving everything in 2 exciting hours, I’m extending the party so you’re able to visit at your convenience and enjoy yourself in a more relaxing atmosphere. Those of you that have attended Facebook parties before will immediately see the benefit.

If you’ve never been to a Facebook party, it’s simple. Just follow the link and click on the join button. Facebook will remind you of the event as the time draws near and anything I post will begin to show up on your newsfeed.
Starting at 9 am on the 8th, I’ll begin posting various posts on several different topics all connected to my new release. Along with sharing the Rafflecopter link to the Harper Prize Pack, I’ve also put together 5 giveaways for this event only.
You can join me when the party starts at 9 am, or join me at any time later. Simply scroll down the page and enter the conversations already started. The giveaway posts will be clearly marked and you’ve only got to comment on those posts to enter. Now for a look at each prize pack…


The Twin Prize Pack allows you to win a kindle copy of In the Shadow of Thy Wings and still share with your best reading buddy.


The Handwritten Prize Pack: You’ll have to show off your own handwriting in order to enter this giveaway for a 50 ct greeting card set.


Civil War Fiction Package: Once again, I’m giving away copies of my favorite Civil War fiction novels. In this pack, I’m featuring my series along with a long time favorite series written by Lynn Austin.


The Frontline Package was inspired by the life of the common soldier, and it includes a copy of one of my favorite Civil War journals. Daniel Chisholm fought for the Union for 2 years and his journal shows the day to day life of a soldier as well as bigger events such as the surrender of Lee and the death of Lincoln. I completed the prize pack with common foods for the soldier’s diet: Peppermint sticks (candy would have been common in care packages sent from home) and Peanuts (part of the basic ration for the Confederate soldier).


The Homefront Package was inspired by the lives of women during the 1860s, and it includes a Civil War recipe book, featuring recipes from the Godey’s Lady’s Book during the war, a jar of blackberry jam (something Claire Harper was known for) and an apron made of reproduction Civil War material. The apron makes up the background in this picture.

And if these giveaways weren’t enough for you, I’ll be joining other Christian authors for a Christmas Facebook party hosted by Celebrate Lit. You can join the party here. Party dates are December 15-17th. Each author will host the party for 1 hour. There will be multiple giveaways throughout the event, including a rather large 15-book giveaway.
If you join me on December 16th at 12 pm central, we’ll discuss Christmas during the Civil War and I’ll be giving away 1 kindle copy of Where Can I Flee and In the Shadow of Thy Wings. I’ll only be on live for one hour, but you can scroll down the party page and enter my giveaway until the party closes.




12 thoughts on “Upcoming Giveaways!”

  1. What a great giveaways!☺ You have some really great packages. I’m really excited about the Civil War Years: Day by Day and Daniel Chisholm’s journal. As a history buff, I would really enjoy those books. I am excitedly waiting for the release of the Shadow book.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow!So exciting and I’m looking forward. I enjoy reading about the Civil War period of America History. Thank you for the great giveaway packages. I would be so blessed to win one of them. Blessings to you and I look forward chatting via FB.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That it is! If it was a smaller prize pack, I could probably get away with it.
        I do have some ebook giveaways open if you’re interested!
        The Facebook party that I mentioned is currently open and I have 2 ebook giveaways going on.


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