Upcoming Book Awards for 2015

164I wanted to have a little fun and look back at my reading list for 2015, but I thought I’d give you the chance to play along with me. Thursday, I’ll post my list of 5 star books for the year, various reading stats, as well as a unique list of book awards.

Here is my list of awards if you’d like to get a head start by looking over your own reading list. We can share winners here on Thursday.

Most Beautiful Cover
Most Read Author
Best War Fiction
Favorite Heroine
Favorite New (to me) Author
Favorite Couple
Marriage with the most Unusual Circumstance
Favorite Dress on a book cover
Couple with the Most Friction
Best Gospel Message
Favorite Theme
Most Spiritual Impact
Best New Release
Favorite Christmas Story
First Kiss
Best I Love You Scene
Favorite Hero
Oldest Novel
Most Shocking Novel
Novel that Most Resembles My Life
Most Surprising Novella
Best Mystery
Favorite Classic
Best Setting

Most of those categories are a little odd, but I based them on books that I’ve read this year.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Book Awards for 2015”

    1. Thank you! I JUST finished the post. It goes live tomorrow. After looking at books and books and books for about 2 hours straight, I was finally able to form my personal reading goals for next year.


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