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January’s Writing Blitz: Proverbs 21:31: Week 3


After running into some plotting issues, I decided to decrease my word count goal for week three and add in some research goals. The plan was to finish reading the journal I’ve had open for months, cross off two topics from my research list, and add at least 4,000 words to the manuscript. 
To God be the glory, I have made a nice dent in my research list, finished the journal, and added 4,558 words this week. As a treat, here’s the next clue into the Out of the Ashes storyline:

This week’s clue lies within my research list. Wanna see what’s on my list? Sure you do!! Along with the basics of the Reconstruction Era, I’m reading up on topics such as Sharecropping, Freedman’s Bureau, Black Codes, and the KKK. 
Why am I looking up such dark subjects?
Because the racial tensions are just beginning to escalate and there is a certain character that has been seeking peace by trying to stay out of the way. Frank Harper is about to be tried and tested yet again when these racial issues hit closer to home.

Week Four’s Goal: I’m ready to make bigger progress on the writing front and will be setting the goal at 8,000 words for the week.

Prayer Requests:  Since this is a steeper goal than I’ve been doing lately, prayer is essential. I’ll need the flow of words, a blessing on my time and efforts, and the ability to balance writing with a busy household. I’m still researching and fine tuning Frank’s plot and will need wisdom and direction there.

Catching Up:
Follow this link to catch up on the previous progress reports and the clues that I’ve released so far.
Just for fun, I pulled up the character interviews in case you’ve missed them.
Claire and Frank’s Interview — Read about Claire and Frank’s memorable childhood memories and so much more!
Frank and Ralph’s Interview — Frank and Ralph sit down together to compare experiences in the army… and a little trash talk.


2 thoughts on “January’s Writing Blitz: Proverbs 21:31: Week 3”

  1. You are doing great! This has been a crazy week so I haven’t had time to do any research yet. I did check out some books from the library, so hopefully I’ll have time to crack them open this weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand! Lol Research takes time we often don’t have. I run into that problem all the time too.
      And thank you!! I seriously felt like I’ve had nothing to offer all week so it’s easy to see that God is responsible for the increase.


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