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January’s Writing Blitz: Proverbs 21:31: Week 4


It’s been a good writing month overall. I’ve added a total of 26,965 words to the manuscript this month. My goal for the week was to write 8,000 words and I’ve written 8,935! As promised, it’s time to share another sneak peek into the new novel. 

I introduced a new leading lady to you a few weeks ago. If you missed it, you’ll find a link further down. I have one more heroine to introduce you to. 
7 Eva Rose Forrister steps onto the page with a bang. Literally.
While touring the Confederate Museum in Richmond, I was inspired by a plate on display and the story behind it. Family legend has it that the owner of the plate was preparing to eat when a group of Union soldiers entered her home, looking for food. When they attempted to take the bread off her plate, she picked it up and hit one of them in the head with it, cracking the plate and knocking him out cold. One of the soldiers had to guard her when the others tried to retaliate. 
Lol It’s this feisty behavior that best describes Rose, and I was able to bring this fun story into the novel. I’m not ready to tell you how she fits into the story just yet but you can guess what you will. 🙂 

February’s Writing Blitz:
I plan to continue my work and I want to continue bringing you new sneak peeks every time I reach my goals. We’re changing the theme up for the month of February. ALLLLL the sneak peeks I offer you in February will reveal a little more about the upcoming romance!

February’s Week 1: I’m starting the month off with a goal of 7,000 words.

Prayer Requests: Please continue to pray for wisdom, direction, the ability to balance my time, and a blessing on my efforts.

Catching Up: Follow the link if you need to catch up on the previous progress reports and the clues I’ve released already.
I shared the picture of the cracked plate on a previous blog post.  You can view it and the other pictures from my Richmond/Appomattox trip here.

6 thoughts on “January’s Writing Blitz: Proverbs 21:31: Week 4”

  1. Sending hugs and prayers. I love the plate story and can’t wait to read how Eva is introduced. Civil War era is my favorite to read about. I was born in Maryland and always visited Gettysburg and Northern history sin we lived the past 5 years in VA, and was able to visit many Civil War history sites. I learned a whole new world and side to the Civil War. We just moved to PA. to be close to our son and first grandchild born 3 weeks ago. I am planning a trip to Alexandria in the Spring which has been inspired by the new show Mercy Street. ~ Blessings ~

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