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February’s Writing Blitz: Love Never Fails: Week 2


If you’re following on Facebook, then you may have heard that I reached a few important milestones early in the week. I decided the timing was right to take a little break and rest up some. Turns out my plans, as always, are in God’s hands and my 3 school children were snowed in with me for all 3 days of my vacation. This made the timing perfect since it’s extremely hard to write with 3 boys and their little sister hanging around. 😉 

Now back to those milestones: 
I’m officially at the halfway point in the Out of the Ashes draft!!
The draft is now over 100 pages long (computer pages)!
AND I’ve crossed the 60,000 words mark!!

Even though I didn’t meet my goal for the week, I decided to share another clue just because I’m in charge and I can do things like that. Lol I’m bringing to you my favorite quote from the novel so far.

I had introduced a new character to you last month named Melissa Lowe. Melissa is shy and uncomfortable in social settings which is pretty tragic considering she’s on the hunt for a husband. After another big upset, she’s seeking the comfort of her loving Mammy who shares some beautiful advice with her. Melissa wants to know how to be sure when she’s found the right guy to which her Mammy replies, 
“…You’ll know he’s the one when he works at lovin’ ya.”

This is the first quote that I’ve shared from the novel and I hope you enjoyed it and the subtle advice on how to love others. Let us never forget that more than emotional, love is action. Love is a verb. That’s why we can add “d, s, and ing” to it, after all. 😉 I hope you act loving every day, but as you set out to celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend, remember to show love in action.

Next week’s goals: I’m gonna change up the way I track my progress simply because I’m in charge and I like to do odd things like this from time to time. Lol Instead of tracking word count, I’ll be tracking the number of scenes I complete. I’m setting the bar on the low side but praying to go above and beyond that. My goal is 6 completed scenes.

Prayer Requests: Please pray that God blesses my time and efforts. I’d love to double my goal but I’m still feeling a bit sluggish and I see some interruptions on the horizon.

Catching Up: You can read the previous progress reports and their clues by following the link.
And just for fun, I’ve pulled up a link on love. I had hosted a love song contest where fans dedicated a love song to the couples from my series. We had a lot of fun. You can read the results here.


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