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Book Review: Ignite Your Passion for God by Kay Arthur and Mark Sheldrake

27At different times in our spiritual journey, we may discover that we’ve somehow developed apathy toward the things of God. Instead of being fueled by spiritual passion, our faith seems to be running on autopilot—or maybe sputtering to a halt as we seek excuses to avoid spiritual engagement.
Through this six-week study, your eyes will be opened to the things that can undermine our interest in the things of God, and you’ll discover practical steps you can take to ignite a fire that will propel you toward a deeper, more meaningful faith.

What I Loved: I know several women who use the Precepts studies and enjoy them. This was my first time picking up one and I must say that I really enjoyed it. Part of this study style involves marking certain words in your Bible to help you better understand the passage. This was easy to do since she walks you through it.
The idea behind the 40 minute, no-homework, study is to be able to able to gather with friends during your lunch break or during a Sunday School session and work through the entire week’s session together. It’s shorter than the normal Precepts but still a well rounded study.
I approached the study alone but was still able to glean the benefits. So I think those willing to study alone will enjoy it as well as those who have a study group.

Ignite Your Passion for God pulled various passages from the Old and New Testament to help the reader understand the importance of honoring God with all of yourself. The study focuses on identifying and removing idols, honoring God, sharing Christ, the importance of studying God’s word and prayer, what proper worship looks like as described in the Scriptures, and suffering for Christ.
Every lesson is pulled directly from Scripture and can be trusted to encourage, rebuke, and direct the reader.

Rating and Recommendation: I think it’s a great study guide and give it 5-stars. I recommend the Precepts study for anyone looking to dig deeper into the Word. I really enjoyed digging into this particular theme and can recommend this one and others in the series.

~I received a copy from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. 

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