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Book Review: The Anonymous Bride by Vickie McDonough

66Check yourself into the Texas Boardinghouse Brides series by Vickie McDonough, where you’ll meet Luke Davis, marshal of Lookout, Texas, who flippantly tells his cousin he’d get married if the right woman ever came along. When three mail-order brides are delivered to Luke a month later, he’s in an uncomfortable predicament. How will he ever choose his mate? Rachel Hamilton’s long-time love for Luke is reignited with his return to town. So when three mail-order brides appear, she panics. Will she find the courage to tell Luke that she loves him? Or take an anonymous part in the contest for his hand?

The Texas Boardinghouse Brides Series:
Book 1 – The Anonymous Bride
Book 2 – Second Chance Brides
Book 3 – Finally a Bride
What I Loved: This was a delightful little western. Mail-order brides and love triangles are always favorites with me and this book had both.
It’s hard enough when someone orders you a bride without telling you, but when they order you three, now you have a major problem! Lol It was interesting to watch them sort this out. You have a little bit of everything in here: Outlaws, busy-bodies, a contest, FOOD (Rachel was always cooking up something good), desperate brides, and old flames.
The Anonymous Bride was a fun start to the series and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these characters next!

Rating and Recommendations: I recommend The Anonymous Bride to anyone who enjoys a light read, a good western, or Historic Christian fiction. I’m giving it 5 stars.

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