An Invitation to the Author Olympics


I might have mentioned my love for the Olympics last week. 🙂 Well, I wasn’t joking. Lol With the Olympics playing all night in my home and me sitting at the computer slaving away on the next great novel during the day, I was inspired to create a fun little game for us authors. We’re calling it the Author Olympics.

The idea is simple. At the start of your writing day, set your personal goals and divide them up between bronze, silver, and gold medals. For example, a gold medal would be the highest possible goal, silver would fall in the middle, and the bronze award would be the lowest amount that you would accept from yourself.
You don’t have to be in the writing phase to play along. You’re in charge of your goals so feel free to make them whatever you need. If you’re editing, you might want to count scenes or chapters. You could count topics or pages read if you’re researching this week.

We’re playing the Author Olympics on Facebook all week long. I encourage anyone who wants to participate to snag the meme on this page and post about your game and your medal count throughout the week on your Facebook page. Twitter fans, feel free to tweet. We’re using the hashtag, #authorolympics and encouraging each other along.

Have fun and happy writing!!

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