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Book Review: Ghost Writer by Rene Gutteridge

17Jonathan Harper is a fiction editor at a publishing house who devotes all of his time to work, and is slowly drifting away from his family. While proof reading a story about a serial killer written by his best friend and father figure Clyde, he begins to receive a story from an anonymous source that is eerily similar to his own life. It contains details no one else could possibly know, details about his childhood and his marriage. As the suspense builds, Jonathan is forced to confront the demons in his own life as he seeks to understand the mystery behind the story.

What I Loved: How would you feel if your darkest secrets were written into a book? Jonathan Harper had to figure this out the hard way.
I was SO impressed with Ghost Writer. It was a page turner. I went to bed thinking about it and I couldn’t wait to pick it back up again. Gutteridge did an amazing job weaving together a suspenseful mystery together with a solid gospel presentation. The characters were well developed. The mysterious manuscript and its writer will keep you guessing.
Ghost Writer in one word: Excellent.

Rating and Recommendation: I highly recommend this 5-star novel to anyone who enjoys Christian Fiction. In fact, I insist you add it to your must-read list.


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