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Adult Coloring Book Recap

2016_0623summer20160032I’ve reviewed quite the collection of adult coloring books so far this year. I thought it would be handy to stop and take a look at them again. Maybe you’ll find something you like or a new book to add to your Christmas shopping list. 
*All links take you to my original review, complete with sample images. 

Coloring Notebook:
This is a gem. It’s part classic notebook, part coloring book. There is a wide collection of images here and perfect for just about everybody.

Coloring Inspirations:
This one took a different approach by allowing you to download it and print your own copies. It allows you to select your favorite type of paper without fear of markers bleeding through.

Cats in Paris:
A cat-lovers dream. This coloring book will keep you entertained with a variety of feline-filled pages.

Paris Steet Style:
This compact book mixes fashion and Paris together.

Wonders of Creation: 
If you’re an animal lover, then this book is a must. There is a wide variety of animals here to color and enjoy.

Gratitude, A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal: 
This one is a fun twist to the coloring book scene. You’ll find sections to color, places of reflection, and areas of prayer all in one colorful package.

For I Know the Plans:
This is another compact book but it packs a TON of scripture. Every page sports a different verse, each is meant to edify and encourage you.

God Bless America: 
This is one of my favorites. It mixed history and Christianity together. Plus it’s patriotic!

Godey’s Fashions:
For the history lover, this is a must have. It covers nearly 50 years of ladies’ fashions.

Civil War Fashions:
Another gem for the history lover. This one is similar to Godey’s except that it focuses ONLY on Civil War fashions and it includes men and children in the images.

Now it’s your turn! Have you joined the coloring fad yet? Do you have a favorite coloring book? Did you find something in my collection that you’d like to add to your wish list? 

Coming Soon: My review on the latest adult coloring book to hit the shelves: All is Bright. It’s a Christmas devotional coloring book! How cool is that?!


5 thoughts on “Adult Coloring Book Recap”

  1. Wow! So many different types of adult coloring books. I have a couple faith-based ones and a cat one. The Civil War Fashions sounds intriguing since I love that time period in books. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

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