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The Top New-to-me Authors of 2016

I had desired to share with you ONE new-to-me author that I had read in 2016 that stood out above all the rest, but I ended up with a list of amazing authors and couldn’t decide between them. So I’m going to spotlight each of these authors. And here they are in no particular order:

23Liz Johnson:
Liz stole my heart with her Prince Edward Island setting and simply smooth writing. She was one of those that I would label as just plain good. It was hard to pinpoint what I loved about her writing other than the fact that I just did. I was able to read both of her new releases this year and am greatly anticipating her third of the series.

1Johnnie Alexander:
Another one of those simply good authors. I had the pleasure of reading, When Love Arrives, which is book 2 of the series. I was so smitten with the complexity of the characters I had met in When Love Arrives that I decided to backtrack and read book 1. For those that haven’t read either, I would advise you to go in order since there were spoilers in book 2. But the fact that I’m eager to sink my teeth into book 1, knowing that the secrets have already been revealed should say something about how great Alexander’s writing is.

Rene Gutteridge:
I had the pleasure of picking up two very different novels by Gutteridge this year. I was blown away by them both and the amazing part is that the two novels couldn’t be any more different from one another.
The Ghost Writer kept me on my toes with this powerful, life-changing suspenseful story. Truly, I can’t recommend this one enough. And then there’s Greetings from the Flipside which I highly recommend to the romantic comedy lover.
I insist that you plan to pick up one if not both of these in 2017.

97Christine Johnson:
Okay, you might say that I love a simply good author. The one that is so good, you don’t even know why they’re good. The writing is just so…comfortable and perfect in every way. Johnson was one of those for me. AND she’s another author that I read her series out of order and still desired to go back and read what I had missed the first time. Besides just enjoying her writing, I think one of the things that I liked the most about Honor Redeemed was that both characters were Christians and they walked it. Most Christian fiction revolves around characters who are either lost or who have lost their way. But this wasn’t the case in Honor Redeemed. The characters were Christians and yet they still struggled. You might say that it was because of their devotion to Christ that they struggled so much.

I personally look forward to reading more from each of these authors. But what about you? Have you enjoyed any of these authors yet? Will you be adding any to your TBR list? And who was your favorite new-to-you author of 2016?

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