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Fiction Diner Recipe: Chili Spaghetti

The story is, I had leftover chili and wanted to try something different. I remembered seeing spaghetti noodles topped with chili and cheese in various places. Sounded strange…but it was something new to try so I gave it a whirl.


Chili Spaghetti:

I found it to be an interesting twist to two classic staples. I may make this again sometime. But it’s only getting 7 stars from me. At the end of the day, I prefer my spaghetti topped with tomato sauce and beef and I prefer my chili in a bowl or over a baked potato.

The recipe is as easy as it seems. Cook pasta and serve on plates. Top with warm chili and sprinkle with cheese. 🙂 Easy-peasy! 

Show of hands: Who has tried this before?  And who is wanting to?
What is your favorite way to eat chili? Frito pie? In a bowl? With crackers? On a baked potato? Or over spaghetti?

5Novel Quote: 

“You might spend the next four days working and striving, and it still won’t be good enough…but we can’t give up until it’s over. If we die on this field, we die as fighters, not quitters.” ~ Summer of Dreams by Elizabeth Camden
🙂 Now there’s a pep talk!! You’ll also find this novella for free on Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Fiction Diner Recipe: Chili Spaghetti”

  1. In Chili spaghetti’s defense, you don’t usually use “normal” chili. If you really want to try authentic chili spaghetti, visit Cincinnati! Skyline, Gold Star, several others. Each is a little different. Try making a Cincinnati style chili next time and top with twice as much cheese! And oyster crackers are a must.

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    1. That is VERY interesting!! Thank you so much! I was in the chili-spaghetti dark. Lol
      I’ll have to add that to my list and see if I can’t give it another go later this year. Thanks for filling me in!! 🙂


    1. It was certainly something different. I’ve been told (see the comment above) that there is an official way to do this. I plan to give it another try with a Cincinnati chili recipe. You may want to consider trying it instead of your normal chili.
      Chili over baked potato is probably my favorite. But I had the hankering for a Frito Pie earlier this week and served it up. YUM!


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