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Introducing Upcoming Christian Fiction Series: The Art of Love by A.M. Heath

I am so over the moon excited to introduce this new series with you. The concept for this series started with one stand-alone book. A month later, the Lord inspired yet another stand-alone novel. As I typed up the notes concerning both novels, I couldn’t help but notice some similarities. With that in mind, I sought out to craft a third novel and create a series of stand-alone stories brought together based on the theme and similar settings. 

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 Each book is primarily set in the 1950’s and told through the 1st person narrative. So far, the set includes an actress, painter, and a pair of dancers.
First up are Arleen Thatcher and Neil Fox, professional ballroom dancers from the small town of Marlow, TN in the year 1959. These two are fierce competitors, turned partners. Hear their story of how God used their unlikely partnership to bring about something truly beautiful for His glory in Dance With Me

Dance 2 F

I had 3 novels on my desk when this story just ran away with me. I kept it on the backburner and wrote here and there as time and inspiration allowed. Best case scenario, I was expecting to have this one ready to release in 2020. But the Lord saw fit to change my direction. Within 2 days, I put in 18,000 words and finished the first draft. And just like that, Dance With Me was suddenly brought up as a possible Spring 2019 release. That’s a full year earlier than I thought possible. I’m thrilled to be telling this story. But I’m also excited to see what the Lord has in store for it as we move forward. You can keep track of Dance With Me and the Art of Love series, as well as anything else on my desk, by following me here on the blog or on my Facebook page.  

5 thoughts on “Introducing Upcoming Christian Fiction Series: The Art of Love by A.M. Heath”

  1. (Not sure if my first comment went through – it said there was a problem, so I’m trying again ^.^ Sorry if it repeats!)
    This story sounds very good! And I absolutely adore the cover!! 🙂

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