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Book Reviews: March’s Backlist Review: 1 Large Novella Set

I’ve been enjoying the backlist titles I’ve found time for so far this year. And I hope you’re enjoying the collective review posts. Normally, the reviews are short and sweet but with a large novella collection, that just isn’t possible. And this time, I only had time for 1 backlist title. I hope to tackle a few more in time for next month’s post. 
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185The Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection:
Come along on a romantic journey jam-packed with all the angst of marriages founded upon practical choices as well as coercion. Meet nine couples who barely know each other before they find themselves suddenly married—to please family, to stem the tide of gossip, to save the land—and joined for life. But can love grow when duty comes before romance? 

There’s something endearing about an arranged marriage…or an unexpected marriage. I enjoy watching the characters fall in love slowly and tenderly versus the normal fashion found in your typical novel. So this collection was a must-read for me.

The Substitute Bride by Angela Bell: Elliot finds himself married to the wrong sister . . . or was she the right one for him all along?
I absolutely loved this one!!! Hands down one of my favorite novellas to date. I sympathized with Gwyn and Elliot. I thought they worked well together. And I just flat-out loved it.

Bridal Whispers by Angela Brieidenbach: Gossip sends a recent widow into matrimony with his deceased wife’s cousin. Can they develop a real marriage?
This was another smashing hit for me. The characters were well developed and the story flowed nicely. I enjoyed the extended family dynamics surrounding the couple as much as the couple themselves.

Mule Dazed by Lisa Carter: Old friends are reunited . . . and then forced to marry. This was a fun read. There were moments when I felt like the author rushed ahead a bit and I was momentarily confused. But overall, it was another good story from a collection that is quickly becoming a favorite.

The Sweetwater Bride by Mary Connealy: Tanner kidnaps his bride . . . or was he rescuing her? Debba had lived alone for years in a secret valley until Tanner comes into her life. But will love change her mind about the outside world?
Connealy knows how to craft a unique story with unique characters. You truly have no idea what you’ll find besides a great story and this novella was a prime example. The story dragged a bit towards the end for me but it was forgivable.

A Highbrook Hoodwink by Rebecca Jenson: Will marrying to give her fatherless child a new life bring Katie blessings or heartache?
True to its form, A Highbrook Hoodwink was a marriage in name only story. It’s always sweet to watch the couple fall deeper and deeper in love at a slower pace like these stories tend to show. It was an enjoyable story, although I often felt like I was being told about the characters’ feelings instead of experiencing them.

Not So Pretty Penny by Amy Lillard: Desperate for a farm hand, Penny buys herself a husband from the jail cell, and she just might have taken on more than she bargained for.
This was a cute story from start to finish. It may have been a tad too convenient toward the end, but it carried a solid message on not seeking revenge.

All’s Fair by Gina Welborn: Will a feud keep would-be lovers apart, or will love mend an age-old feud?
This was one of my favorites. It was heartwarming, charming and carried a timeless message about forgiveness and love.

The Colorado Coincidence by Kathleen Y’Barbo: When Gloree is forced to marry a passing stranger to save her ranch, will their meeting be a coincidence or a blessing from above? I wanted to enjoy this one more than I did. I found it too summarized toward the end. However, the final letter was superbly romantic.

Railroaded into Love by Rose Ross Zediker: Left with the choices of jail, saloon work, or marriage to an old friend, will a marriage of necessity to a traveling preacher be what Molly needed all along? This one was really cute and started off strongly. It grew a tad tedious for me toward the end, but overall this was an enjoying way to end the collection.

I enjoyed some of these stories more than others. At the end of the day, this was one of my favorite collections to date.

6 thoughts on “Book Reviews: March’s Backlist Review: 1 Large Novella Set”

  1. I have this collection (among several others…have yet to fully read one, but I love how they look and can’t wait to read them all), but have only read the first story, The Substitute Bride by Angela Bell – I very much enjoyed that one though. Definitely need to finish the collection at some point! Great review(s). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!
      It’s a pretty good collection. I like that you can pick up and set down these collections as needed. They’re just right for something quick in between larger reads.


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