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Melissa and Rose’s Wardrobes

If you’ve read my third novel, Out of the Ashes, you would have met my newest heroines, Melissa Lowe and Rose Forrister. If you haven’t officially met them, I’ll introduce you to them next month. This month, I want to take you on a tour of their wardrobes. I’ll show you a selection of dresses that are featured in the book as well as some clothing that they might have worn because the best part of historical fiction are the clothes! 😉 Enjoy!

12We’ll start with Melissa Lowe. When I pictured Melissa, I pictured her in lots of blues, mostly because it was a certain someone’s favorite color. 😉 Here are a few dresses I used in the novel. 

Melissa 1This is something I had in mind when Melissa bumped into Ralph for the first time.

Melissa 4 Here’s Melissa’s wedding dress.

And here are three other dresses from Melissa’s wardrobe.


Are you ready for a peek inside Rose’s wardrobe? Here we go! I pictured lots of purples or rosy colors on Rose. 

Rose 3

Here’s a pretty example of one of Rose’s day dresses.

Rose 5

Here’s another example of Rose’s day dress. If memory serves me correctly, she wore this on one of her strolls with the Colonel.

And here are three more samples from Rose’s wardrobe.

If you had the chance, would you borrow clothes from Melissa or Rose? 

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