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Shopping List for Alice in Wonderland Fans

Are you a fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? Or do you know someone who is? I put together a shopping list sure to please any Wonderland fan. Obviously, my list will not be extensive, so feel free to share your favorite Wonderland products in the comments.

200Adult Coloring Book: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Coloring Book
They used the classic illustrations and novel quotes when they put this one together.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
You’ll find the ebook for free on Amazon and copies in paperback and hardback. *And don’t forget to look for In the Looking Glass!



Disney Parks Exclusive Alice in Wonderland Triple Stack


Disney Parks Exclusive Alice in Wonderland Mad as a Hatter 


Disney Store Alice in Wonderland Classic Mug


Disappearing Chesire Cat Mug


Alice in Wonderland Fine China Teacup and Saucer *Be sure to rabbit trail with this one. There’s a whole matching set!


Anise in Wonderland: Novel Tea Tins
*FYI: They have a whole collection of novel-inspired teas.


Queen of Hearts itty bitty
*You’ll also find Alice and Mad Hatter


KEYS! It’s such a simple thing, but it’s not Wonderland with keys!
I actually have one on a ribbon that I wear as a necklace. But you could add them to anything for a subtle Wonderland feel.


Alice in Wonderland Tote by Litographs
SERIOUSLY, you MUST check out this website!! They create shirts, totes, scarfs, and posters with the actual words from your favorite classic novels! I’m only showing you one picture. There are 3 for Alice and soooooooo many more great novels to consider. GO CHECK OUT THIS LINK ASAP! And you’re welcome. 😉

Christian Fiction Books: 


Girls of Wonder series by Christina Coryell


If Only It Were Yesterday by A.M. Heath
🙂 I couldn’t leave my own novel off of the list, now could I?

Did you find anything to add to your wishlist? Or do you have a product link that you’d like to share with me? 

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