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Librarian of Willow Hollow Reveal: Meeting my Heroine

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It’s time for a brand new reveal! Today we’re giving you a peek at our heroines. 

Allow me to introduce you to my newest sweetheart: Ivory Bledsoe. She’s known for being extremely pale-skinned with light blonde hair. She’s outgoing and kind … but has a problem with being anywhere on time. 


Good news! The other gals are revealing their heroines and cover models today as well. Be sure to drop by each of their blogs to meet all four of the librarians of Willow Hollow. 
And join us next month when we share the plot behind each novella. 

I Love to Tell the Story by Faith Blum 
The Secret Place of Thunder by Alicia G. Ruggieri 
A Strand of Hope by Amanda Tero 


For continual updates, follow each author online: 

Amanda Tero: Facebook and Website
Faith Blum: Facebook and Website
A.M. Heath: Facebook and Website
Alicia G. Ruggieri: Facebook and Website

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