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Book Review: Each Perfect Gift by Alicia G. Ruggieri

47946917._SY475_What do you do when the sins of your past rise from the dead?

Ben Picoletti’s conversion astounded the little town of Chetham, Rhode Island – and no one more than the pastor’s daughter, whose heart Ben seeks to win… despite his shameful history. After all, the cross of Christ has removed Ben’s sins as far as the east is from the west, hasn’t it?

Yet, as Christmas 1937 draws near, Ben’s past returns to trouble him – and to force Ben to grapple with the practical meaning of forgiveness and grace in his own life… and in the lives of those around him.

A story for anyone who has ever been haunted by the consequences of choices they once made, Each Perfect Gift brings a message of the true redemption that is found in Christ alone.

Each Perfect Gift is the first story in the series A LEGACY OF GRACE, an off-shoot of the original A TIME OF GRACE series, featuring beloved Grace Picoletti and Paulie Giorgi. If you crave emotional, old-fashioned stories with strong spiritual heart, a reaffirmation of God’s continual work in everyday people’s lives and hearts, and memorable characters whose redemption is deep and realistic, you’ve come to the right place!

It is my honor to present this lovely new release to you!
Alicia and I became fast friends very early in my writing career. And if you’ve read any of her books or spoke to her online, you’d know why. She’s so genuine in her faith. Such a sweet spirit and a loving friend. And believe me when I tell you that this comes out in her writing. 

Each Perfect Gift kicks off a new series featuring the Picoletti and Giorgi families. While this can be easily understood and enjoyed as a standalone, I’d recommend reading A Time of Grace first, because I think you’ll better appreciate the new struggle we find Ben in if you knew more about where he came from.
The raw brokenness of Ben Picoletti made him an absolute favorite fictional character, so I was all too pleased to know that we’d see more from him. And I was no disappointed. Ben has been radically changed by the Lord and yet he’s still being changed. All throughout the story we see that in these characters: the change the Lord has already made and the changes He’s still in the process of making. There’s such a realness about how each of these characters feel and respond to their struggles.
One of my favorite things about the story, and really the previous series as well, is how the characters become living examples of God’s grace.
I highly recommend this moving Christmas story.


You can pick up your copy from Amazon today or
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