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Christmas in Garland 2020 Reveal

Garland Collection surprise

I’m so excited! I’m wrapping up the Project Scrooge tour here by announcing the winner of the giveaway. But even more exciting is that I’ll be officially revealing 2020’s Christmas in Garland novella!

Grand Prize copy

First things first, the Project Scrooge giveaway winner.
Congratulations to: Martha Schaum

Now let’s talk reveal! In case you haven’t heard, Christmas in Garland Collection is my standalone set of Christmas novellas. Lord willing, Project Scrooge is just the first drop in the bucket. I currently have 5 stories planned … but I may already be looking to add to this lineup.
The 2020 novella has already been selected. In fact, I’m about halfway finished with the first draft. But I’ve teased you long enough. Here’s the first official look at the cover:

Engagement 1600x2400.png

If pretending to be engaged wasn’t hard enough, needing a replacement
for her fake fiance just made things more complicated. 

I’m tapping into my Hispanic roots with this one! There will be loads of Christmas tamales and lively family to get to know and love. 

Garland Collection 2020 reveal

You can read Project Scrooge today.
Stay tuned for more info on The Engagement Cover



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