Surviving the Quarantine with a Reading Challenge and Scavenger Hunt

This post is exactly what the title says it is. 🙂 I’m bringing you a new reading challenge and scavenger hunt while you’re being quarantined.
I’m also going live Mon-Fri in my Facebook group, Tea Time with A.M. Heath. So if you’re looking for someone to fellowship with outside of your home, plan to meet me online in the afternoons. There’s an encouraging discussion and fun new question each day.

Group Concept (1)

When I thought about being quarantined, my first thought was to ask how many books I could read during that time. But then I started thinking that I could make even better use of my time. So I’m extending this reading challenge to you: How many books of the BIBLE can you read while in quarantine?
If you’re on Facebook, there’s an active post where we can update and let each other know which books of the Bible we’re finishing. Or you can comment on this post and let me know.

Quarantine Bible Book Reading Challenge

With the help of a couple of friends, I have put together a HUGE scavenger hunt for you. Same as before, there’s an active post on Facebook where you can check-in and let us know what you’ve completed. Or you can comment here.
You’ll notice that I made some of these harder by requiring you to do it for several days in a row. 😉 I figured if we’re stuck at home, we needed a challenge.
Have fun!

Quarantine Scavenger Hunt


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