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Cozy. Christmasy. And full of Redemption.

Can the joy and hope of Christmas restore their love before it’s too late?

Leah Whitsett’s life was ideal until the disastrous day she nearly died because of her husband’s deceit. When he returns home weeks before Christmas, she knows the best gift she can give him is forgiveness, but how can she relinquish her hard-won independence knowing he plans to turn their family’s life upside down again?

Bryant has always known his wife was a gift he’d never deserved, but how can he provide for her in a town that no longer wants anything to do with him? He longs to atone for the misery he’s put his loved ones through, but when he brings a family member home for the holidays, he and Leah may end up even further apart.

With emotions high and their marriage at stake, will the season bring the hope they need…or are their rifts too large to mend?

My Thoughts:

The only thing better than reading a Jagears’s story, is visiting characters I’d already come to love from previous novels. You can read this series out of order, but if you’re reading in order you’ll remember Bryant very well and why he was in desperate need of a redemption story.

I found it easy to relate to Bryant and Leah as they struggled with bitterness, insecurity, and emotional hurt. True forgiveness isn’t something that just happens by chance; it’s a choice, and Jagears does an excellent job of walking the characters and the reader to a healthy conclusion.

Depending on You is a bite-sized Christmas novella, just perfect for creating the warm, fuzzy holiday feelings with a memorable spiritual message.

Rating and Recommendations: I’m giving it 5 stars and recommending it to those who enjoy Christian Historical, a historical Christmas novella, or looking for a good redemption story.

~ I received a copy from the author. I was not compensated for this review or required to give a favorable one. All thoughts are my own.

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