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My List of Must-See Hallmark Christmas Movies for 2020

We still have a few more days of 24/7 Christmas movies on Hallmark, so I’m bringing you my favorites of the year so far.

Confession, I have not watched all of the 2020 movies so there may be some titles that you’ll need to share with me so I can watch before they go back into the vault.

Cranberry Christmas

I LOVED this one. It has the fake-dater vibe that I adore, but this one features a troubled married couple pretending that they’re happily married instead of on the brink of going their separate ways.
What stood out to me the most here was that this one focused on reality more than a typical Hallmark movie. The takeaway message wasn’t to have faith in yourself or faith in faith (whatever that means) but it was that marriage is hard but worth fighting for. There were a couple of quotes that I would have highlighted if I could. It really was inspiring and so much more down to earth in terms of the message.
I strongly recommend this one, especially if you’re married.

Cross Country Christmas

This one was a fun “fall in love along the journey” story. Just perfect if you’re looking for that sweet comedy where you can never tell what will happen next. And what 90s gal doesn’t enjoying seeing Rachel Leah Cook? 🙂

If I Only Had Christmas

Dorothy, Oz, and Romance; oh my! Being a remake of my favorite childhood movie, The Wizard of Oz, this one immediately made it to my rewatch list. It’s a standard Hallmark Christmas movie but with the added bonus of having a vast variety of nods toward a beloved classic. If you’re a fan of The Wizard of Oz then you MUST make time to watch it at least once.

Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas

First of all if you haven’t been watching this series ( Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas and Time for You to Come Home for Christmas) then you’re really missing out. These stories are full of heart and the third installment is certainly overflowing with family love. I loved that the focus was on more than just a single couple but a variety of people and relationships.

Project Christmas Wish

One of the classic Hallmark Christmas movies themes is helping someone heal after loosing a loved one. This is another one of those movies, but I loved it so much more than I expected to. I might have even grabbed a tissue while watching this one. 😉

Christmas Waltz

Oh my stars!!!! This is the most beautiful Hallmark movie I think I’ve ever seen. The whole thing from start to finish is just so elegant. They’ve done dancing movies before but this one is by-far my favorite. Lacey is an excellent dancer. I’ll be watching this one again and again for sure!

The 12 Dates of Christmas

The Hallmark movie list isn’t complete without a great enemies to lovers storyline. The dialogue in this one is witty and well done. The writer in me was geeking out. 😉

I hope you enjoy my list of recommendations. Let me know if you have a favorite on this list already or if you have some recommendations for me. Tamera Mowry-Housely’s Christmas Comes Twice is high on my need to watch list.

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