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New Kissy Romance for Your Collection!

A Billionaire for Every Season is finally complete! Born a Billionaire released yesterday, but I’m going to back track and introduce you to the whole Schultz family.

It’s hard to pick a favorite out of this bunch when you have a secret identity (book 1), fake marriage (book 2), friends to lovers (book 3), and a body guard (book 4). Ok, I confess, if pressed I would say my favorite is Who Needs a Billionaire because I can’t pass up a fake relationship story. Lol

This series is a clean fiction series, which means it’s clean but not expressly Christian. All of the novels are available in paperback and ebook and are on Kindle Unlimited.

He’s a billionaire, hurt in the past. She’s a country girl with no idea who he is. Will a case of mistaken identity lead to happily ever after or will his well-intentioned charade tear them apart?

All women ever want from Sebastian Schultz is his family’s money, which is why he’s avoided dating like the plague. But when Genevieve Willis walks into the Schultz building, ranting about her meeting with the cold fish head of the company, unaware that’s exactly who she’s speaking to, he’s immediately drawn to her beauty and sense of humor. Sebastian can’t resist this opportunity to finally get to know a woman without the stigma of the Schultz name, so he introduces himself as Kurtis from Public Relations, and implores his playboy younger brother to act as president in his place.

Genevieve can’t believe her luck landing her dream job, and she can’t stop thinking about Kurtis, the sweet PR guy, she met on her first day. When they’re thrown together to work on the biggest charity event of the year, the attraction between them grows stronger. But something’s off with Kurtis, and she can’t quite put her finger on it.

As they spend more time together and the fundraiser gets closer, will it become impossible for Sebastian to conceal his real identity? And will Genevieve forgive him when she learns the truth?

Not the Billionaire is a sweet billionaire romance.

A fake marriage is the answer to their problems, but love was never part of the deal.

Augustus “Gus” Schultz has always been the black sheep of the family, and he’s earned that label with his playboy ways. His greatest desire is to prove to his father that he’s put all that behind him and is worthy of taking on a bigger role at Schultz Chocolate. But when he’s asked to step away from the company for appearances’ sake, he must devise a plan to convince everyone he’s changed.

Merritt Christianson loves helping women feel pretty and confident, and her dream of taking her safe, organic cosmetics line global is about to come true. Until she doesn’t secure the capital she was hoping for and is forced to consider a crazy alternative.

Gus thinks his proposal is ingenious. A fake marriage contract with Merritt, who is brilliant and respectable—not to mention beautiful—will demonstrate his ability to commit and fit in with the company’s wholesome image. Merritt thinks he’s lost his mind, especially since they can’t stand each other. But how can she refuse when he offers to fund her business expansion as part of the terms of their marriage? And if pretend crosses the line to real, how will they come away with hearts unscathed?

Her brother’s best friend is the guy of her dreams. If only he’d see her as more than a friend.

Skylar Schultz has spent half her life loving Franky Middlebury, the only guy who’s ever seen her as more than heiress to the Schultz Chocolate fortune, but she’s always been firmly positioned in the friend zone. As much as she cherishes their friendship, she wishes he would see her as so much more than his best friend’s little sister.

Things aren’t going well for Franky. His girlfriend left him, he’s unhappy as a partner in his father’s law firm, and he feels stuck in a life he didn’t really want. The one bright spot is Skylar. She’s there for him in a way nobody else is, filling his stressful days with laughter and offering unending encouragement.

As their friendship progresses, they begin to rely on each other as they’re faced with family drama and career changes. All the while, Skylar hopes their newfound closeness will blossom into more, but Franky is more complicated than the happy-go-lucky guy he appears to be. And when someone new walks into his life, will she be the fresh start he’s been longing for or will he finally see the one who’s been there for him the whole time?

She didn’t want a bodyguard. Now he’s all she wants.

In the wake of scandalous tabloid headlines about her movie star mother, Adelia Allen needs a hasty escape from California, and who better to help her hide out from the paparazzi than her second family, the Schultzes. But when she becomes the target of a blackmailer, it’s time to call for backup.

Officer Oliver Wood has never worked as a bodyguard before, but when the head of the famous Schultz family requests his help for their high-profile guest, he can’t say no. Especially when the woman he’s protecting is none other than Hollywood’s favorite daughter.

Forced together amidst all the drama, Adelia and Oliver’s attraction grows, as does the list of differences between them. Can a normal guy and a celebrity find love? Or are the obstacles keeping them apart too great to overcome?

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