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A New Dependable WWII Author

Since the attack on Pearl Harbor, Gordon Hooper and his buddy Jack Armitage have done “work of national importance” in the West as conscientious objectors: volunteering as smokejumpers, parachuting into and fighting raging wildfires. But the number of winter blazes they’re called to in early 1945 seems suspiciously high, and when an accident leaves Jack badly injured, Gordon realizes the facts don’t add up.

A member of the Women’s Army Corps, Dorie Armitage has long been ashamed of her brother’s pacificism, but she’s shocked by news of his accident. Determined to find out why he was harmed, she arrives at the national forest under the guise of conducting an army report…and finds herself forced to work with Gordon. He believes it’s wrong to lie; she’s willing to do whatever it takes so justice will be done.

As they search for clues, Gordon and Dorie must wrestle with their convictions about war and peace and decide what to do with the shocking secrets they discover.

My Thoughts:

If you haven’t read Green’s debut novel, Things We Didn’t Say, you’re certainly missing out. The Lines Between Us has ensured that Green stays on my must-read list. I’m seeing that she’s not only dependable in the WWII field but she’s great at finding lesser-known home front occupations and spotlighting them in a memorable way.

Dorie and Gordon were both relatable for different reasons. Dorie had the spunk and passion to get things done. But Gordon was a man of faith and conviction. Yet both were plagued with doubt and fear. And it was a joy to watch them be challenged by the Word of God.

The mystery was really interesting and kept me guessing. The ending was satisfying but unexpected in ways. I can’t wait to see what Green has in store for us next.

Rating and Recommendations: I’m giving The Lines Between Us 5 stars. I highly recommend it to those looking for Christian historical or home front WWII stories.

~ I received a copy from Bethany House. All thoughts are my own. I was not compensated for this review or required to give a favorable one.

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