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Let Me Introduce You to Someone

Maybe you’ve already met Alissa, Stephen, and the rest of the gang at Cheery Inn. If not, I invite you to pick up their story soon. But In honor of the upcoming Selah Awards, I want to introduce you to the team behind It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.

I know there’s a temptation to skim-read and move on, but please linger with me a moment so these incredible people can have their moment in the spotlight. Not only could I not publish without them, but becoming a finalist would be impossible.

Let’s start with the cover … I created the front cover design, but one of my best writing friends, Krista Noorman tackled some important editing on the cover as well as creating the paperback cover. She always does a remarkable job.

Next are my critique partner Dana Kamstra and Amanda Tero. These ladies help me whip the story into shape. And, truth be told, they often whip me into shape too! They catch a lot of my meltdowns.

Another important section of my team is the grammar editors. These folks love hunting for typos and bad grammar. I would truly be a mess without them: Kimberly Bowie, Becky Dempsey, Esther Filbrun, Kim Hampton, Carolyn Neinas, Krista Noorman, and Jimmy Yates.

And then there’s my Cheer Squad. These ladies offer prayer and encouragement throughout the year and help me behind the scenes from beginning to end. My cheer squad includes almost all of the people mentioned so far as well as Marilyn Ridgway, Brenda Murphree, Pam Lunsford, Kimberly Francisco, Stephanie Daniels, Darla Damron, Kathleen Anderson, Abigail Harris, Raechel Lenore, Kimberly Villalva, Deana Dick, and Debbie Curto.

And don’t forget to read my novella up for an award! Sure, it’s Christmasy, but it’s also inspiring, cozy, endearing, and funny. Oh, yeah, and romantic. 😉 Check it out for yourself!

Can a cozy inn at Christmas transform the troubled hearts seeking refuge there?

Pregnant and alone, Alissa Hill moved to Garland, Tennessee to help at her aunt’s inn. When a guest brings her hidden past to the inn’s door, she must decide whether to face it or continue to run.

A career-ending injury ruined Stephen Powell’s life plans. Now a former NFL kicker, he’s searching for a new purpose while recovering at the Cheery Inn. But those at the inn may offer him much more than he expects.

Sparks fly when Alissa and Stephen meet, but secrets and regrets may keep them apart unless they can learn to forgive and move beyond their brokenness.

Read this heartwarming Christmas romance today!

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