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What your favorite Indie Author REALLY wants to write in place of the blurb

After spending so much time perfecting the novel, the indie author must then perfect the most important sales pitch: the blurb. Readers have little clue, if any, as to how difficult and stressful this stage really is. Here's what your favorite--weary--author secretly wants to write in place of the blurb: "Something exciting happens in this… Continue reading What your favorite Indie Author REALLY wants to write in place of the blurb

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Standing Before the Burning Bush

Who are you trusting? Yourself or God? How about when you're challenged with a difficult task and you're way in over your head? Are you trusting yourself or Christ? Sometimes even the most dedicated Christians stumble here. Moses did. Let's go back to the moment in history in Exodus and examine the scene: Moses was… Continue reading Standing Before the Burning Bush

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2016 Summer Book Olympics

I don't know about you, but I've been enjoying every minute of cheering Team USA on in the Olympic games. I love the Olympics and eagerly anticipate it every two years.  In the spirit of this historic event, I thought it would be fun to compile our own Book Olympics. I'll be sharing some of… Continue reading 2016 Summer Book Olympics

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Sneak Peak at my Future Projects

I had asked this question to my readers recently and felt that you deserved some feedback from me. So here it is. 🙂 As previously mentioned, the current series I'm writing covers both the Civil War era and the present day. The series is projected to complete in fall of 2018. But what will I… Continue reading Sneak Peak at my Future Projects