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Review Wednesday: Murder at the Courthouse by A.H. Gabhart

42After a few years as a police officer in Chicago, Michael Keane has no trouble relaxing into the far less stressful job of deputy sheriff in his small hometown. After all, nothing ever happens in Hidden Springs, Kentucky. Nothing, that is, until a dead body is discovered on the courthouse steps. Everyone in town is a little uneasy. Still, no one is terribly worried–after all the man was a stranger–until one of their own is murdered right on Main Street.
As Michael works to solve the case it seems that every nosy resident in town has a theory. When the sheriff insists Michael check out one of these harebrained theories, his surprising discovery sends him on a bewildering search for a mysterious killer that has him questioning everything he has ever believed about life in Hidden Springs.
Bringing with her a knack for creating settings you want to visit and an uncanny ability to bring characters to life, A. H. Gabhart pens a whodunit that will keep readers guessing.

Some books just invite you to come, sit, and enjoy yourself. Murder at the Courthouse had everything I wanted from its attractive cover, small town setting, and a mystery.

What I loved: I really enjoyed slowing down and taking in the scenery of this small southern town. The characters were fun and unique. The plot held much promise when the entire town saw nothing but had their own theories behind the stranger who was shot dead on the steps of their courthouse.

What I didn’t love: I really wanted to love this book, but sadly it just wasn’t a good fit for me. As much as I wanted to stick it out and watch the town react to this mystery, I was unable to finish the story. The plot was weighed down by numerous characters and what seemed to be needless background stories. Much of the story was told through a summarized narration which seemed to slow it down even more. The addition of a woman preacher had left a bad taste in my mouth. Thankfully she didn’t appear to be a main character. I had hoped to enjoy this book more than I did.

Who I’d recommend it to: I’d recommend this book to someone who enjoys small town settings or cozy mysteries. Fans of A.H. Gabhart will also really enjoy this fun spirited mystery.

~ I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads and was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Review Wednesday: Murder at the Courthouse by A.H. Gabhart”

  1. I just finished reading this book and felt similarly to you (although I did finish the book). You may want to check out your disclaimer statement though, you put that you were “not required to give an honest review”. I think you meant “positive review” 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL Thanks for pointing that out!! I WAS required to give an honest review…just not a positive one. Lol
      A friend of mine struggled with this book, but finished it and really liked it in the end. What did you think after you finished it?


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