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January’s Writing Blitz: Proverbs 21:31: Week 1


There was a slow start to my writing blitz this month, but I’m picking up steam. I set the goal for 5,000 words for week one, and I’m happy to announce that I finished with 5,847 words!!

Since I met my goal, as promised, here’s a little peek into the new novel!

We will catch up with our old friends from Maple Grove, but I’m setting the stage for the new story by opening Out of the Ashes up with a new character: Melissa Lowe. When we meet Melissa, she’s in the middle of a rather awkward scene, and it’s one that I have a feeling you’ll enjoy. 🙂 I’ll share more of her story in the days to come.

For now, let’s talk about next week’s goal. I’m praying for at least 7,000 words next week. If I make it, I’ll share another secret about the novel in progress.

Prayer Requests: A blessing on my time, the ability to focus with words ready to be typed out. I also need to work on some research and would appreciate prayers for a smooth road there. I seem to have important details playing hide-and-seek with me. Lol

Playing Catch-Up: In case you missed anything, here are some links you might enjoy.
If you’ve stumbled upon this Writing Blitz page feeling lost, check out last week’s intro.
Whether you’re new to the Ancient Words Series or a passionate fan, you’ll enjoy getting to know the characters better by reading their profiles where I share a variety of details, some of which is not found in the novels.
Claire and Frank Harper
Sally Chandler

4 thoughts on “January’s Writing Blitz: Proverbs 21:31: Week 1”

  1. Continued prayers for your writing and research. You know if you ever need any help in the research field, you can shoot me a message. I’d like nothing better than an excuse to do some sleuthing! LOL

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  2. How exciting when God grants our prayers above and beyond what we’re asking! I will be praying for you and your writing blitz. I don’t know what research I could help you with but I have plenty of time to play detective on the Internet. 🙂

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