Celebrating Christmas All Year Long


A few days before Christmas, I heard a song that made me pause and think. The singer said something about wanting Christmas to last all year. This sentiment isn’t anything new. Several songs carry that theme. And most people would admit to wanting Christmas to last longer.

But why? What is it, exactly, that we want to last throughout the year?

Is it the family time? The extra focus on Christ? Dinners and parties? The gift-giving phase? Thoughtful greeting cards? The way goodwill seems to be on the rise?

Looking over that list of “Christmas spirits” and I can’t help but wonder which one of these we believe are meant for Christmas only?

Family time: The only reason we see more of our family and friends around Christmas is because we make the time to do so. Somehow we’ve determined that Christmas is one of those times that we simply won’t skip. But why wait? Why not open the doors and invite the family over? Why not show up? Sure, it’ll take some effort on our part, but is it not worth it?
If you’re hoping for more of the “Christmas spirit,” try making a point to invite the extended family or friends over once a month. Set out some food and open the door, they’ll come. 😉 If you do this often enough, it will become the monthly habit that everyone is looking forward to.

Christ-Focused Day: Shouldn’t every day be Christ-centered? Why wait until December to remember that the God of the universe came to earth as a baby so that He would one day die on the cross as a payment for our sins? Why wait until after Thanksgiving to sing the beautiful songs that remind us how far God went to show us His love? Take one of my favorite Christmas songs, How Many Kings, for example. It’s perfect for everyday worship.

Gift-giving Heart: Why wait until December 25th to show our friends and family our love and appreciation by showering them with gifts? Why not show our love throughout the year?
Why wait until December to pull out your wallet and share with those less fortunate? Doesn’t Christ call us to be givers in our everyday lives? Why wait?

Greeting Cards: There’s nothing warmer or more thoughtful than receiving a card in the mail. There’s no reason to wait until December to pull out the stamps and address book. Not when they sell cards for every season and every reason. Stock up on cards (boxed sets are normally cheaper) and keep them handy so you can see them and get to them when the thought strikes you. Sure, it’ll take a little effort. But if you’d like to experience this friendly tradition all year long, you’ll find it well worth the time.

Goodwill: As Christ’s representatives on earth, we’re called to love our neighbor as ourself. At no point, are we to stop showing goodwill toward others. The warm and fuzzy feeling you have toward others should continue all year long. The need to lend a helping hand shouldn’t end after the new year. There’s no such thing as saving up your goodwill so give it freely all year long.

May the year 2016 be the year we celebrate Christmas all year long!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas All Year Long”

  1. All great points. My mom listens to Christmas music and watches Christmas movies all year long. I love to walk into her house in July and hear “Jingle Bells” coming from her stereo.

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