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Wednesday Review: Godey’s Fashions, An Adult Coloring Book by Dover Coloring Book

10Superbly rendered illustrations, adapted from Godey’s Lady’s Book, a rare nineteenth-century fashion magazine, provide authentic views of evolving Victorian modes of apparel — from lace-edged necklines and elongated bodices to fitted bonnets and extravagant bustles.
Thirty ready-to-color illustrations depict lavish dresses and gowns of velvet and damask; smart riding outfits trimmed with braid and gilt; an elegant cashmere shawl, children’s outfits; as well as hair ornaments, footwear, and other accessories.
A lovely collection that offers an authentic glimpse of what well-dressed ladies and youngsters of the Victorian era were wearing, this is a must-have for coloring book fans, costume designers, and cultural historians.


I can’t brag on this book enough! I absolutely LOVE it! I’m convinced they created this book especially for me, and if you’re a fan of the Victorian Era, you’re bound to feel the same way. 

The Basics:
Images are printed on both sides of the page.
NO markers allowed!!!
Pages are NOT perforated.
30 Pages of beautiful gowns.

The Images:
It’s hard to say what I love most about this book. Each page is as beautiful as the last. There are no busy patterns or strange pages found in this book. From cover to cover, you’re in a Victorian Fashion Land. Lol Seriously, is there anything better? I think not!
The images don’t curve into the spine so coloring is more enjoyable. Another major win for me, is that under every image is a brief description. It tells you the year of the dress, fabric, and points out some of the stylish choices of that particular gown. Even with these descriptions, the bulk of the page is given to the dress itself. All 30 pages are blank and ready for coloring. However, on the inside covers, they included 8 colored images to help inspire, or guide, you as you color. The book includes lady’s fashions between the years 1838-1880. I find nothing here to complain about and everything to praise.





19 thoughts on “Wednesday Review: Godey’s Fashions, An Adult Coloring Book by Dover Coloring Book”

  1. I am in love with this book! I have a severe weakness for coloring books! I have always enjoyed drawing and coloring. So happy there is such a wide selection these days! I may just have to get this one!!!!

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    1. Lol It’s a must! In fact, I think I need another copy. 😉
      There’s a Victorian home book from the same company that’s on my wish list. They pics of various rooms to color and explain a little about them. Sounds fun.


  2. I am definitely checking Amazon for this book. I love the illustrations. Such beautiful gowns. I would definitely use this to de-stress. Thank you ,Anita for sharing this with us.


  3. I have got mine last Christmas when we played secret Santa. I still have mine, and I coloured some pictures for Tic Tac Toy. I still have it. Did you still have “Godey’s Fashions Colouring Book it after 4 years?

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    1. How fun!
      And, yes, I do! It’s fun to color in and it has helped inspire some of the wardrobe for characters in my books. I love all the descriptive details at the bottom. I’ve learned a lot.


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