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February’s Writing Blitz: Love Never Fails: Week 1


I’m picking up the speed and writing more these days. My goal for the week was 7,000 words and the Lord has blessed my efforts with 9,682 words for the week! As promised, I’ll bring you another clue from the new novel. Keeping with the theme of love for the month, all clues in February will be centered on the upcoming romance. I hope you enjoy!!

It’s difficult to know what I can share without giving away spoilers for those that haven’t read or aren’t finished reading the first two books. I mentioned that George Chandler is moving up to a main point of view character. I’m not ready to reveal too many details behind his story, but I will share the songs that I keep on my playlist to help inspire his scenes. These songs really show the heart of George throughout this story.
For those that have finished Shadow, they may be slightly confused over the theme of these songs. When we last saw George he was on his way to marry Lena. Well…let’s just say that things don’t go as planned and Lena throws him a curve ball that he never saw coming. 😉
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this look into George’s story line!

If I Let You Go by Westlife and More Than That by Backstreet Boys

Goals for Week 2: I’m hoping to keep up with my current writing goals so I’m praying for at least 9,000 words next week. I’m closing in on a major milestone in the novel: The completion of the first half of the novel!! Follow me on Facebook to hear the news when it happens.

Prayer Requests: Please continue to pray for a blessing on my time and wisdom as I start plotting out the details for the second half of the story. I have a general plot in place, but the details seem to elude me most days.

Catching Up: You can read last month’s progress reports and the clues I’ve given so far.
For fun, check out these links on Victorian style clothing:
An Inside Look at Ladies’ Fashions in the 1800s begins with a quick guessing game to see if you can properly layer a woman’s undergarments before explaining how things go together.
Ladies’ Fashion in the 1800s takes you through the many styles of the century.
Claire’s Wardrobe and Sally’s Wardrobe shows off dresses in the novel as well as dresses that inspire the characters.
Godey’s Fashions, my review of an adult coloring book featuring Victorian fashion.


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