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Book Review: London Art Chase by Natalie Grant

21Join twins Mia and Maddie and their sidekick little sister, LuLu, as they embark on international adventure and mischief thanks to their famous mom who travels all over the world singing beautiful songs and a slightly wacky and sometimes negligent nanny named Miss Julia.

What I Loved: Not only is the Glimmer Girls a great new series for our daughters, but London Art Chase was so much fun. Natalie took us on a tour of London, complete with historical facts, cultural differences, and vivid detail. I felt like I was there and enjoyed every minute of it.
In London Art Chase, Maddie struggles to find her place in this special family while also looking into the disappearance of her favorite painting. Learning that she’s special and has something unique to offer to those around her is an important lesson for Maddie and for other girls her age.
I do want to point out that Maddie gets so caught up in wanting to prove that she was right about the thief that she actually runs off into the streets of London by herself. While this is not the sort of example we want for our children, Mrs. Grant went the extra mile to show the truth behind Maddie’s motives and the consequences for disobeying. Because we’re allowed to see the character’s remorse, repentance, and consequences, I can still recommend this book.

What I Didn’t Love: There were a couple of scenes where the girls were making wishes. Knowing what I know about book 2 of this series, I know this is something that Natalie addresses. However, I would have liked for her to have either cut out the wishing scenes here or address it. But wishing is NOT the focal point of the story and it’s still a solid read for young girls.

Biblical Lessons: Here is the list of Spiritual lessons I picked up along the way.
How to be a peacemaker
Praying for the small things in life
Bringing our troubles and frustrations to God
How to guard your heart from worry
Speaking out for what’s right
The small things we do actually matter
Breaking the rules, no matter what the reason is, is still wrong
Punishment for sin is necessary, but it comes with love and forgiveness

Rating and Recommendations: I’m looking forward to the 3rd book in the series and give London Art Chase 5 stars. I’m passing this one on to my daughter and can recommend it for yours.

~I received a copy from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. 

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