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Book Review: Though Waters Roar by Lynn Austin

35So went the words of Grandma Bebe. And for all of my growing-up years, I scoffed at the beauty of my sister and what I saw as her meaningless existence. But my wits hadn’t served me well in this instance, for here I was, in jail. And while I could have seen it as carrying on the family tradition (for Grandma Bebe landed in jail for her support of Prohibition), the truth is, my reasons for being here would probably break her heart.

So how did I end up becoming a criminal? I’ve been pondering that question all night. Perhaps the best way to search for an answer is to start at the very beginning….

What I Loved: You’re in for a treat with every Lynn Austin book you pick up. Though Waters Roar is a history lesson on the Prohibition and Women’s Rights wrapped up in a moving story based on four generations of the same family. There’s everything to love here from a plot that is constantly twisting and turning like a winding river to a solid, heart-felt message. There were several areas where I pulled out my highlighter to save quotes that ministered to me. Austin has a way of weaving God’s love and wisdom into a gripping story.

Rating and Recommendation: Though Waters Roar is a 5-star book and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys Christian Fiction, fiction with strong female characters, or Historical Christian Fiction.


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