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Review: Civil War Fashions, An Adult Coloring Book

6Enter the elegant world of mid-Victorian fashions with the help of this unique coloring book. Artist Tom Tierney, widely recognized for his stunning paper doll collections, turns his talents to a new medium and spotlights the stylish clothing worn by well-to-do Americans in the Civil War era.
Forty-five meticulously researched and finely rendered illustrations depict men, women, and children in wardrobes that take them through their day—from attractive outfits for at-home wear to elegant evening dresses for special occasions. Handsome military outfits worn by Union and Confederate officers are the rule for the men of the period, while most fashions for youngsters mirror adult styles. Center-stage are the lovely garments worn by the ladies: taffeta and silk walking dresses edged with bands of ribbon; elaborate, tassel-trimmed carriage cloaks; exquisite off-the-shoulder ball gowns enhanced with floral accents, and much more. Brief, informative captions describe the style and fabric of the apparel depicted, offering helpful suggestions for colorists who want to lend a touch of historical accuracy to their finished products.
Adapted from the pages of such vintage fashion publications as Harper’s Bazar and Godey’s Lady’s Book, these painstakingly executed drawings will thrill coloring book fans of all ages, serve as inspiration to costume designers, and make excellent references for fashion historians.

The Basics: Images are printed on both sides of the page.
Markers are NOT welcomed here.
Pages are not perforated.

Images: I really loved this collection. Unlike the Godey’s book that I reviewed earlier this year, Civil War Fashions includes men and children’s fashions as well as some light background. Godey’s book focused on models and gowns while this one seemed to capture more emotion of the era. Although the Godey’s book contained more gowns and covered a wider time period. I thought Civil War Fashions was beautifully done and I didn’t feel like it was simply a repeat of the other book.




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