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Review: ColoringNotebook, An Adult Coloring book

Paper notebook with coloring pages for adults. 
Beauty outside. Amazing inside.
Imagine your favorite paper notebook with lovely coloring pages for adults. 
The ColoringNotebook is a happy combo of stylish paper notebooks and traditional adult coloring books.
It has a beauty, leathery hardcover, quality acid-free paper, smart dimensions, and it lies flat when opened.
Each ColoringNotebook has been specifically designed for jotting down notes, sketches, and ideas.
Also, it will provide hours of stress relief and mental relaxation.
A coloring book that doubles as a notebook?! A notebook that encourages me to daydream while I brainstorm?! How brilliant!! This concept is especially helpful for authors during the brainstorming process. You can unwind and collect notes at the same time. Or the perfect notebook to ponder the verses and quotes you’ve collected.
The Basics: 
This notebook is durable, comes with a ribbon bookmark and a band to keep it closed, and is the perfect size for stuffing in your bag or purse.
Images run into the spine of the book.
Color pencils are preferable since the pages are a bit thin and the markers bleed through. The backside of the coloring page is notebook paper so die-hard marker fans might not mind letting it bleed through.
Images and Ordering:
This is one of my favorite coloring books currently in my collection. There is such a wide variety of images to enjoy here. You’ll find scenes, random objects, even vintage objects (which was my favorite), busy patterns, cute animals, and even aliens! Most images are on a single page with 3 pages of notebook paper in between. Some images spread out over two pages. I happily give the Coloring Notebook 5 stars.
You can order one for yourself, your friend, your neighbor, or someone you love by visiting the link. When ordering, you get to select the style of notebook pages: Lined, Dotted, or Plain.
~I received a copy from the creator of Coloring Notebook in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. 

8 thoughts on “Review: ColoringNotebook, An Adult Coloring book”

  1. I LOVE TO COLOR, I don’t think anybody could ever be to old to color. Truth be told I haven’t color in a LONG, LONG, time. Seeing this page made me wont to color. Coloring to me is like a jigsaw puzzle, it take some time to finish. You have to pick the right color, for that one spot, like the puzzle, looking for that one piece. Coloring, you have to set it out just right For it to be that beautiful picture just like the puzzle. We some time get the wrong color or puzzle piece. What do you do, trash the coloring page or move the puzzle piece. We lay down that color because we just know it will not go with this coloring page. What an awesome GOD we have, because i am that coloring page, that jigsaw puzzle. One day i will be that BEAUTIFUL put together coloring page, jigsaw puzzle. Wrap-up in a holy,spiritual body. So if you haven’t colored or did a jigsaw puzzle lately. The next time you are in town pick one of them up.Every time you color something or pick up a puzzle piece, look at it the way JESUS CHRIST is looking at you as HE put you together to be that beautiful master piece. Matthew 5:48 “Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. LOVE, Angie

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